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Breitling Vintage Navitimer 806 by Breitling - Matt Baily | Authorized Retailer wiki breitling


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Manual-wind Swiss Venus 178 chronograph movement.


Brown alligator strap with tang buckle.


40mm gold plated case with stainless steel closed caseback. Acrylic crystal.


Black dial with contrasting off-white subdials, and tritium luminescent markers and hands. Tricompax layout. Slide rule calculations on chapter ring with internal rotating bezel.


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  • IWC 3782 Aquatimer Chronograph Cousteau Divers IWC 3782 Aquatimer Chronograph Cousteau Divers

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Vintage Breitling Duo - Part II

2013 February 18

The same week that we received the Navitimer, we also had a trade in of another iconic but seldom seen vintage Breitling. The Co-Pilot ref. 7651 Chrono-Matic is an exceptional watch in several respects – it uses the world’s first automatic chronograph movement (if we ignore Zenith’s claims to the contrary), and it has a massive 48mm case. It is imposing, eye catching, and a bit ridiculous. It’s a vintage watch for the extrovert.

Vintage Breitling Duo - Part I

2013 February 11

Sometimes you have odd moments of serendipity, even working in this weird industry that is watches. We deal with a lot of preowned and vintage timepieces, but can have lulls of long periods where we may not have any leads or offers to trade in new pieces. Then, suddenly, you will have a rush of items come in within a span of several weeks. Such was the case where we ended up with two exceptional vintage Breitlings. Both came from completely different sources, but ended up in our store in the same week. Both are exceptional, hard to find, and well preserved – and both have interesting histories behind them.

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titta på longines
أوميغا المشارك المحوري
quartz longines
Breitling katsella hinta

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The Breitling Orbiter 3 is a hot air ballon, that was filled with only 47% capacity. They did this because if they didnt then the ballon would have floated up too high and into space.
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Mercury. Mercury takes 88 days to go around the sun, so its year is 88 solar days - or around 3 months
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  Not much. Earth is at 1 AU, by definition, and Mars is at about 1.5 AU. Between Mars and Jupiter (about 5 AU) there are no large planets; it is thought that Jupiter's gr (MORE)

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Breitling is pronounced "Bright Ling", NOT "Breet Ling". It is an "I" sound but with a soft t sound meshing into the last syllable. Imagine a beautiful Swedish blonde taking o (MORE)

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The 3rd period contains 2 of the 3 orbitals for the third sublevel. It has the s and p orbitals in it.
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