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W25054P5 Md. Dt. at 3; St.Br.; 30mm W20060D6 Lg.Qz. St.Br.; 32mm
W25033P5 Sm. St.Br.; 22mm W20055D6 Lg. Auto. St.Br. 32mm
W61001T9 Ruban St.Br. W20056D6 Sm. Qz. St.Br. 26mm
STEEL & GOLD W20054D6 Sm. Auto. St.Br. 26mm
W25027B5 1 R.G.Br. Lg.Dt. at 3; 30mm STEEL & GOLD
W25028B5 1 R.G.Br. Med.Dt. at 5; 28mm W20011C4 Lg.Qz., Dt. at 6, S&G Br. 30mm
W25029B5 1 R.G.Br. Sm.; 22mm W20058C4 Lg.Auto., Dt. at 3, S&G Br. 30mm
W25027B6 2 R.G.Br. Lg. Dt. at 3; 30mm W20012C4 Sm.Qz., S&G Br. 26 mm
W25028B6 2 R.G.Br. Med. Dt. at 5; 28mm W20057C4 Sm.Auto., S&G Br. 26 mm.
W25029B6 2 R.G.Br. Sm; 22mm GOLD
W25027B8 3 R.G.Br. Lg. Dt. at 3; 30mm W20009C5 Lg.Qz., 18k G.Br. 30 mm
W25028B8 3 R.G.Br. Med. Dt. at 5; 28mm 820010C5 Sm.Qz., 18k G.Br. 22 mm.
W25029B8 3 R.G.Br. Sm.; 22mm W1505456 Lg. Mech, 18k, Lea.St. 30 mm
W250285A Med.Lea.Str., Ard.Bckl.; 28mm W1505556 Sm. Mech, 18k, Lea.St. 22 mm
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W250295A Sm.Lea.Str., Ard.Bckl.; 22 mm  


W25014B9 Lg. 18k G.Br., Dt. at 5; 30mm W25075Z5 Sm. Steel Pink MOP Dial
W25022B9 Sm. 18k G.Br.; 22mm W25064Z5 Sm. Steel
W25034B9 Mini 18k G.Br. W25065Z5 Lg. Steel
W2501516 Med.18k, Lea.Str. Ard.Bckl. 28 STEEL & GOLD
W2502316 Sm. 18k, Lea.Str. Ard.Bckl. 22m W25066Z6 Small


W1508156 Larger
W20073X8 Auto witd Strap W25077X9 Mini Rose Gold
W20060D6 Auto witd Bracelet W25073X9 Small Rose Gold
STEEL & GOLD W25063X9 Small Yellow Gold
W20090X8 Chrono. Steel Auto Strap W25062X9 Larger Yellow Gold
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W201072X7 Auto Strap  


W2007286 Auto witd Bracelet GOLD
W20091X7 Chrono. Auto Bracelet W6400301 G. Small Qz. Br.
GOLD W6400605 W.G. Sm. Qz. Br.
W20071X7 Auto witd Alligator Strap W640010H Y.G. Larger Qz. Br.
W20112Y1 Auto Strap W6400505 W.G. Larger Qz. Br.
W20171Y1 Auto Str. non-Engr. Back STEEL
W20096Y1 Chrno. Auto Strap W6600121 Steel Small Br.


W6600221 Steel Large Br.
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W52002V1 Gold Auto witd Bracelet STEEL
W52003V2 Gold Auto Strap W31072M7 42mm Auto Bracelet
W62005Y1 Gold Auto witd Bracelet W3107255 42mm Auto Strap
Omega constelação águia duplan="left"> W62005Y2 Gold Auto Strap W31077U2 40mm Seatimer Auto Br/Str.
W62008Y2 Auto Chrono Bracelet W31077M7 40mm Seatimer Auto Strap
W62008Y3 Chrono on Strap W31010M7 Auto. “C” 35mm St.Br. White, Pink, Grey or Black Dl.
W62018V1 Small YG Bracelet W31029M7 Auto. “C” 35mm St.Br. 2 T.Z.
W62018Y3 Small Qz. Strap W3103155 Auto. 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. Lea.St. Depl.Bckl.
STEEL & GOLD W31040H3 Auto. 38mm Grid S.Br.
W62026Y4 Sm. Quartz Bracelet W31031H3 Auto. 38mm 2 T.Z. Br.
W62031Y4 Auto Bracelet W31030H3 Auto. 38mm Crono. S.Br.
W62027Z1 Chrono. Bracelet W3104055 Auto. 38mm Grid Depl. Str.
STEEL W3103755 Auto. 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. 2 T.Z. Pow.Res. Lea.St. Depl.Bckl.
W62001V3 Steel Auto witd Bracelet W31037H3 Auto. 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. 2 T.Z. Pow.Res. St.Br.
W62006X6 Steel Chrono. Br. / Strap W31039M7 Auto. Chr. “C” 35mm Sap.Cry.Bk. St.Br
W62016V3 Small w/ Bracelet W3103055 Auto. Chr. 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. Lea.St. Depl.Bckl.
W62032X6 X-Lg. 2 Time Zone Br. / Strap  
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W3103055 Auto 38mm Sap.CrrBk. Lea.St. Depl.Bckl. W2601256 Lg.Mech., LeaSt. Ard.Bckl.
W3103H3 Auto 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. S&GBr. i W26012K2 Lg.Mech., G.Br.
W3103555 Auto 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. LeaSt. Depl.Bckl. W2603156 Lg.Auto., Lea.St. Ard.Bckl.
W31035T6 Auto 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. S&GBr. I W26031K2 Lg.Auto., G.Br.
W3103855 Auto 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. 2T.Z. Pow.Res. Lea.St. Depl.Bckl. W2601456 Med. Qz., Lea. St. Ard.Bckl.
W31038T6 Auto 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. 2 T.Z. Pow.Res. S&G Br. W26014K2 Med. Qz., G.Br.
W3103655 Auto Chr. 38mm Sap.Ciy.Bk. LeaSt. Depl.Bckl. I W26055L1 Lg. Auto W.G. Br.
W31036T6 Auto Chr. 38mm Ssp.Cry.Bk. S&GBr. W26033L1 Lg. Qz. Crono. W.G. Br.
GOLD W26036L1 Med.AutoW.G Br
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W30201H9 Auto. 42mm Chrono.Br. 36,500   W26019L1 Sm. Qz. W.G. Br.
W3017551 Auto. 42mm Y. or Rose G. Stc 17,600 W2605556 Lg. Auto WG. Str.
W3020151 Auto. 42mm Chroso. Y. or Ross Sir. 24,700 W2603656 Med. Auto W.G. Str.
W3013455 Auto. 35mm Sap.Cry.Bk. LeaSt. W2601956 Sm. Qz. W.G. Str.
W30134H9 Auto. 35mm Sap.Cry.Bk. G.Bc W2603356 Lg. Qz. Crono. W.G. Str.
W3014256 Auto. 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. LeaSt. W26054K2 Lg. Auto Y.G. Br.
W3013456 Auto. 35mmY.G. Strap W26011K2 Lg. Qz. Crono Y.G. Br.
W30142D1 Auto. 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. G.Br. W26035K2 Med. Auto Y.G. Br.
W3014356 Auto. 38mm Grid. Sap.CryBk. LeaSt. W26015K2 Sm. Qz., Y.G.Br.
W30143D1 Auto. 38mm Grid. Sap.CryBk. G.Br. W2605456 Lg. Auto Y.G. Str.
W3014456 Auto. 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. 2 T.Z.Psw.Res. Lea.St. W2601156 Lg.Qz. Crono.Y.G. Str.
W30144D1 Auto. 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. 2 T.Z.Pow.Res. G.Br. W2603556 Med. Auto Y.G. SIr.
W3014051 Auto. Chr. 38mm Sap.CryBk. Lea.St. . W2601556 Sm. Qz., Lea. St. Ard.Bckl.
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W30140D1 Auto. Chr. 38mm Sap.CryBk. G.Br.  


W3014556 W.G. Auto. 35mm Sap.CryBk. Lea.St. GOLD
W30145M9 W.G. Auto. 35mm Sap.CryBk. W.G.Br. W15189L2 W.G. Mini Qz. Casque d'or
W3013756 WG. Auto. 38mm Sup.CryBk. LeaSt. W1518956 W.G Mini Qz. Str.
W30137M9 WG.Auto. 38mm Ssp.CryBk.WG.Br. W15133L2 W.G Qz Casque d'or


W1516856 W.G. 1920 Qz. Str.
STEEL W15109D8 Y.G. Mini Qz. Casque d'or
W51008Q3 Sm.Qz. S.S.Br. W1510956 Y.G.Mini Qz.Str.
W51003Q3 Med.Qz. S.S.Br. W151045D8 Y.G. Qz. Casque d'or
W51002Q3 Lg. Auto. S.S.Br. W1510456 Y.G. 1920 Qz. Str.
W51001Q3 X-Lg Chr. S.S Br. W1506056 Sm.Qz. Lea.Str. Ard.Bckl
STEEL & GOLD W1506051 Sm.Qz. Lea.Str. A.D.B.
W50007Q4 Sm.Qz. S&G Br.
W15109D8 Mini Qz. Casque D'Or 18k G.Br.
W51006Q4 Med.Qz. S&G Br. W15108K7 Sm.Qz. Anneaux 18k G.Br.
W51005Q4 Lg.Auto. S&G Br. W15045D8 Sm.Qz. Caoque D'Or 18k G. Br.
W51004Q4 X.Lg.Qz.Chr. S&G Br. Steel & Gold
GOLD W40002F2 Sm. Casque d'or S&G Br.
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W5000256 Sm.Qz. Lea. Str. Ard.Bckl.  


W50002N2 Sm.Qz. 18k G.Br. 15,700 GOLD PLATED
W5000356 Med.Qz. Lea.Str. Ard.Bckl. W10052F4 X-Lg. Qs. Grain de Rio Metal Br.
W50003N2 Med.Qz. 18k G.Br. W10072F4 Lg. Qz. Grain de Riz Metal Br. Rum Num.Dl
W5000156 Lg.Auto. Lea.Str. Ard.Bckl. W10073F4 Sm Qz Grain de Riz Metal Br. Rom.Num.Dl.
W50001R2 Lg.Auto 18k G.Br. 83090171 Lg.Qz. Gordon Metal Br. Rem.Num.Dl.
W5000556 X.Lg.Qz. Lea.Str. Ard.Bckl. 84090171 Sm.Qz. Gordon Metal Br. Rem.Num.Dl.
W50005R2 X.Lg.Qz. Cur. G.Br. W1007223 Lg.Qz. Lea. Str. Depl.Bckl.


W1007323 Sm.Qz. Lea.Str. Depl.Bckl.
W1512856 Lg.Qz. LeaSt. Ard.Bckl. W10072116 Lg. Must 21 H-Br.
W1512756 Med. Qz. Lea. St. Ard.Bckl. IDisc. W10073R6 Sm. Must 21 H-Br.
W1501756 Sm. Qz. Alangee Lea.St. Ard.Bckl. STAINLESS STEEL
W1501856 Mini Qz. Lea. St.,Ard.Bckl. W10109T2 Sm. Must 21 H-Br.
W1006254 Lg. Qz. 3 G.Dl. A.D.B. W10125U2 Cronoscope S & R Br.
W1006354 Sm. Qz. 3 G.Dl. A.D.B. I   Click For Watch Quote
W1002753 Lg. Qz. LeaSt. Ard.Bckl.
W1003153 Sm. Qz. Lea. St. Ard.Bckl.
W1008254 Lg. Qz. LeaSt. Depl.Bckl.
W1008354 Sm. Qz. LeaSt. Depl.Bckl.
W1013754 Lg. Qz. Depl. Str.
W1013654 Sm. Qz. Depl. Str.
W1014154 Lot. Qz. Depl. Str.
W1015054 Sm. Qz. Depl. Str.
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Ard. - Ardillion Dept. - Deployment Mu. - Must S. - Steel
A.D.B. -Adjustable Deployment Buckle Dl. - Dial Num. - Numerals Str. - Strap
Arab. - Arabic Dt. - Date P. - Pink Sw.Sec. - Sweep Second
Auto. - Automatic Enam. - Enamel Pol. - Polished T.Z. - Time Zone
Az. - Azure Ex.Th. - Extra Thin Pow.Res. - Power Reserve W. - White
Bckl. - Buckle G. - Gold Perp - Perpetual Wat.R. - Water Resistant
Bou.Br. - Boules Bracelet G.Pl. - Gold Plated Qz. - Quartz Y. - Yellow
Br. - Bracelet Gour. - Gourmette R. - Row  
Bz. - Bezel Lea. - Leather Rnd.- Round  
Cal - Calendar Lg. - Large Rom.Num. - Roman Numeral  
Ch. - Champagne Mech. - Mechanical Sap.Cry.Bk - Sapphire  
Chr. - Chronograph Med. - Medium Serp. - Serpent  
Croc. - Crocodile Mn.Ph. - Moon Phase Sm. - Small  
Crvd. - Curved MOP - Mother of Pearl Crystal Back Sq. - Square  

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cartier men

omega constellation mens
Longines Uhren Preisliste

Declaration Cartier for men

Declaration Cartier for men

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Online shops offers: 8 items for 1.94 - 45.49 USD EUR 2 items for 2.50 - 10.32 EUR 2 items for 2.95 - 12.19 USD 2 items for 39.50 - 56.75 GBP EUR 10 items for 43.50 - 88.50 EUR
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I have it I had it I want it love like dislike winter spring summer fall day night Total people voted: 1608 female 25- 25+
male 25- 25+

I have it: 1229 I had it: 619 I want it: 617 My signature: 34

main accords fresh spicy aromatic woody citrus warm spicy Pictures Declaration Cartier for men Pictures Declaration Cartier for men Pictures Declaration Cartier for men Pictures Declaration Cartier for men Pictures Declaration Cartier for men Pictures Declaration Cartier for men Pictures Declaration Cartier for men Pictures Declaration Cartier for men Pictures

Declaration by Cartier is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for men. Declaration was launched in 1998. The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Claude Ellena. Top notes are artemisia, caraway, coriander, birch, mandarin orange, bergamot, neroli and bitter orange; middle notes are iris, ginger, cinnamon, pepper, juniper, orris root, jasmine and guatemalan cardamom; base notes are leather, amber, tea, tahitian vetiver, oakmoss and cedar.

Perfume rating: 3.90 out of 5 with 1608 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes

Middle Notes

Base Notes

Main Notes According to Your Votes

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User votes poor 15   weak 23   moderate 127   long lasting 179   very long lasting 42  


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User votes soft 47   moderate 236   heavy 121   enormous 30  
This perfume reminds me of   Declaration Essence 112 no yes Narciso Rodriguez for Him Bleu Noir 110 no yes S.T. Dupont pour Homme 62 no yes Declaration L'Eau 41 no yes Voyage d`Hermes 39 no yes .votes{margin-top:10px}


Declaration Fragrance Reviews


Spicy ginger cardmamom Indian food. This is the scent. But not bad. But not a big fan.

2017 Escenta

Quality: 3 out of 5 – It’s smells good, but doesn’t make a lasting impression. It’s bipolar as a scent. I’m not sure if reacts to my skin chemistry differently on different days but it does it more than any other scent I own. The Indian food phenomena people talk about, I have unfortunately experienced on occasion.

Originality: 4 out of 5 – It’s very original as far I’ve tested.

Projection (Sillage): 3 out of 5 – moderate; Only people in your immediate vicinity can smell your scent unless you’re in a particular breezy area!

Longevity: 3 out of 5 – moderate; 5~6 hours

Versatility: 4 out of 5 – This scent is very versatile; it works well for day/night, spring/summer/autumn and multiple non-formal/formal occasions. I reckon it work for both men and woman of ages above 30.

Value: 4 out of 5 – £40 for 100ml. Oh, and if it’s on sale, great!

Compliment Frequency: 2 out of 5 – I have never received a compliment when wearing this scent.

Packaging (Bottling): 4 out of 5 – Much thought seems to have gone into the packaging; it’s attractive and highly functional.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 – Good – The positives outweigh the negatives, but there are still better fragrances out there. This fragrance will appeal to people who like a certain scent enough to tolerate its flaws. A lack of quality, projection, longevity and compliment frequency are the main reasons this scent doesn’t warrant a score of 4.

Recommendations: Try before you buy.

2017 andrew1983

Beautiful fragrance, I love it for its big personality, very precious and clean

2017 Tonto92

Feel like i'm going 'against the current' by seeing the amount of people that like this fragrance. But we all know it's a matter of taste, and I gotta say, i find it unbearable..
Possibly due to the 'Bitter Orange' I guess? I don't recommend blind buying a fragrance with this note, especially in this case, very noticeable.

2017 smoovester

Where do I begin with this one. There's something so beautiful and intoxicating about it. That cinnamony cardomany smell......there's also family own an Indian restaurant. The staff that work in the kitchen are mostly immigrants. Immigrants who grew up in the village on a farm. Immigrants who thought all they needed to be clean was to have a shower with soap. Deodorant? What's that they say. I used to drop a couple of them home whenever I popped by for a free late night meal When they got in my car they smelled like body odour and curry and there we have it , Cartier declaration in a nutshell. Do not blind buy this...I beg you.

2017 soned

Mojobaby described exactly what I believe this one is. To this day, I also believe this is the best Elena's creation, when you consider the price!. Body Odor some people say.......17 years have been since I use this one, and all the people around me love the smell, so God bless BO then. This......this is how real men should smell.

2017 MojoBaby

Simply put I rated this a 9/10 for the reason some people will not appreciate this scent the way I do. It's a 10/10 to me because it smells how a man should smell. This scent takes me back to when men worked and worked damn hard; got home ate a home-cooked meal and slept.
This was the early metro-sexual man because back when men wore Brut and Old Spice this came out and you smelled as one reviewer wrote a cowboy who worked all day to get home and spray on an elegant expensive fresh and sensual fragrance and took his wife out to eat on their honeymoon. It's a man in a bottle an authentic true vintage man who works and brings home the bread but who's also in touch with his feminine side not a beer chugging cave man like his peers. It opens up very citrusy but has the hot skin effect from the spices aka the want to snuggle up to you effect the dry down you don't lose the Orange but it gives way to caraway cardamon the smoky manly birch we get fresh vetiver pepper and iris that smells like a crisp $100 bill well played Cartier. At its base is cedar and a very fresh shower vibe women seem to love maybe that's the tea? The bo scent is not present as far as bo smells but there is a manly pheromone here that women will appreciate trust me. It's not at all offensive and I've seen one review say an indian dish smell no I don't smell that at all and I've eaten plenty of paki and middle eastern cuisine. Very gorgeous and vintage, but not outdated just the way a man should smell.
Scent: 9/10
Projection: 8.5/10
Longevity: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

2017 davidljim

The perfume I used in my childhood, sadly i can't use it now becouse it takes me to those childish times. Nonetheless, this performs really GOOD!

2017 elegantpasha

What a great scent Declaration de Cartier is. I simply love the opening and the drydown of this fragrance. Its elegant, refined and classy. I get a very soft elegant citrus and most of all at least to my nose what i get the most is the woody note of cedar and spices, lots of spices. The performance is very good in this one and the woody notes remind me of those old wooden pencils we used in school as kids specialy when you sharpened them. Its a very FRENCH scent thanks to the nice "sweat" smell this juice projects because of the spices... Its a very complex bouquet that i love with a passion. Cartier never, NEVER dissapoints me...
Great sillage, longevity and projection..I give this one 10/10
Age group: 25 and up
Versatility : Smart casual and suit and tie...
Good in the winter, spring , fall and summer nights !!

2017 marioslg3

This and the essence version are in the top 10 mainstream releases of the last 20 fresh is woody is bitter is animalic, is manly...what else someone may want? Away from the top sellers of our times, away from the masses and unique if you want to stand away from the crowd. I consider it the best work of Ellena, I get hours of longevity and projection.....what else we want? Give your self a chance and try this strange magnetic perfume that will enhance your personality and individuality.

2017 SirCharles

Think Voyage d'Hermes but deeper and fuller. This has a real classic elegance to it.

2017 nero77

Intriguing and alluring...

I was pleasantly surprised with this one, the brainchild of master perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena . I found it very alluring with a very unusual quality to it.

Firstly, there's the sharp, sweet blast of cardamom, which is refreshing like mint or aniseed. In fact, to me this is the "declaration" taking place in Déclaration . I find that what Ellena has done here (in perfect minimalist style) is to take a simple, refreshing eau de cologne structure, and to really give it a new twist, and add radically refreshing ingredients. I find this green and herbal, but also very refreshing and unique. I think this comes from the very clever use of spices. Aside from the cardamom, the caraway, pepper and coriander seed all work in unison to ensure a very striking balance and composition. I think this, coupled with birch, vetiver and cedar, really give it a natural "earthiness" (which Ellena would later use to full force with Terre d'Hermès . What's also of note is the use of the Iso-E-Super molecule in this (something he would become famous for over the years). The bergamot and bitter orange here are what give the fragrance the raw, cold freshness counterbalanced by the warm spices.

In short, this is a clever fragrance, and you can see the work of a very skilled and talented perfumer here.

For me, this fragrance is a quintessential men's eau de cologne with a twist. It is multi-purpose, and can be worn year round or as a signature. It also blends with skin incredibly well, and is unique in it's play on freshness and (as others have sometimes mentioned) a slightly "dirty" undertone (the use of spices has sometimes been likened to a hint of fresh sweat). Nevertheless it's genius is that it rides the line and never goes into that territory.

I think if you are a man you should definitely try it out. It will stand out from the crowd, and draw attention in a good way I feel. One to try for sure. It should be on your list.

2017 WmNoir

Such Irony. I have a box of samples that I haven't tried and I pulled 3 out today thinking I might decide whether to wear them later. (I can only handle so many in a day) Two of the three, without me realizing, are by Jean Claude Ellena. This is the one I like.

The opening to me seemed nearly identical to Terre D'Hermes by Hermes Paris, but this one dries down to something much better. This is a very Classy and Elegant fragrance that could work for a younger or an older man I think, but it's definitely not for boys.

This is certainly a formal wear type of fragrance, which is why I am on the fence about obtaining a bottle. I am leaning towards maybe so but there are so many to choose from and I do not need as many in this category. I will have to wear this one out for a day or two.

2017 Frample

This is good. It smells stylish with a green vibe. A bit spicy and with a hint of oranges. Kind of smells like money a little.
I think it is good for a casual opportunity where you want to feel a bit classier than the rest.

2017 beavisbonce

Peeling off your swimming costume after spending half an hour admiring the bodies in the pool. You got a wink, you look amazing and you feel wanted. Take the feeling home rolled up in a towel. Chlorine and twilight and soft towels on the bed. You could be anywhere. So relax. Nothing to declare but dreams. Goodnight

2017 fromthebayandaroundtheway

Declaration is an amazing scent. the opening of bitter orange caraway and cardamom is, spicy citrus brilliance. The birch, vetiver and pepper just blend so seamlessly, as each wave of notes passes we truly learn the real "declaration" of Jean Claude Ellena, which is a natural smelling composition devoid of any synthetics; note by note there is a real balanced natural aesthetic with DdC. As the scent progresses there is the Iris note that passes through a coriander spice that creates a very real natural floral essence, (think iris blooming around warm damp soil). The tea note is very present as is the vetiver and oak moss which help in taming the spicy elements. Then we have the bridge to the base notes; the jasmine intertwined with the amber is just divine. I can't really stress enough how this fragrance is a necessity in any scent collectors wardrobe. Declaration is so well crafted and blended. It is timeless, classy and very elegant. This scent encapsulates, or celebrates natural life, the sparkling changes of spring, and the human response. This scent is legendary, and one for the ages. Wear this when you're on your urban grind and need a reminder of the beauty of the natural wonders that we are deprived of so often.

2017 81Classic

I love this fragrance! There's just something about it. The spicy clean vibe it presents just wraps around you and makes you feel like money. It takes me back to the 90's. there was a certain feeling in the 90's that's different than today, and I love that feeling. It kinda brings that feeling back. It's hard to put into words other than simply saying I just love this fragrance. A perfect balance in my opinion.

2017 INJEN

Sorry but I agree ; This is an exact copy of ST Dupont , I owned both and there is no difference here! This fragrance smells wonderful but I can't explain the scent , I am not sure what the re formulation smells like ; But I will be sure to look for an original bottle when buying again.
Scent 10/10
Long lasting 10/10
Scent 10/10

2017 Studster G.
Studster G.

I will agree with RoyalPerez516 on the "smelling of clean, crisp one hundred dollar bills!". Believe it or not, it's true. I don't know how Cartier pulled it off, but they did.

The first thing that hit me was the bitter orange, which smells good, blended with leather, spice, ginger and wood. The dry down process, on the other hand, smells like fresh Benjamins($$$). Who doesn't love the smell of money? That's what I

During the last hour of smelling this great scent, I could notice the aroma of pepper, a little cedar and cinnamon.

The Longevity and Sillage are pretty good, too.

There are lots of notes in this awesome liquid. Find out for yourself. See how many notes you can find. :)

Scent: 8/10
Longevity: 8/10
Sillage: 7.5/10

2017 Umberto793

I feel like it is a mix of 2 different fragrances: a fresh, bitter orange one layered with a Leather, sweet, cardamomo one. With a touch of soapy vibes that nauseas me

2017 JanneMan45

It has a soapy vibe to me, activates my nostrils.

Got a 100 ml of this a few months ago for € 12 (Batch 4CAA)

For that price could not resist to buy it.

2017 Danielectro

Some may put this in the dirty orange category. I call it delicious orange! Orange, cumin and a robust woody base, that's what I get. Intensely fresh and masculine. Spicy and woody enough for Fall and Winter, and fresh and citrusy enough for Spring and Summer.

2017 RoyalPerez516

wow I can't believe out of all the reviews below not a single one has mentioned the fact that this fragrance, absolute class by the way, smells of pure and sinfully saturated MONEY!

You want to know what this smells like? Grab a few dollars, crunch them up in the cup of your hands and take a big WHIF! That smell, is EXACTLY what this fragrance smells like!

Look, i'm not trying to come off as some pretentious D!CK who wants to sound like a snob, far from it. I have been around a lot of money and this fragrance I swear to you, when i first sprayed it it was lovely, spicey very strong, almost Moroccan market place strong spices.

Then, as it starts drying down, the most amazing thing happened, it started smelling of clean, crisp one hundred dollar bills!

If you want to know what a mobb boss, a high ranking politician (same thing as a mobb boss just under the guise of a more "people" friendly name) or a wealthy entrepreneur smells like - buy this and give yourself a few sprays and you will smell like a million bucks!

scent 8.5/10
longevity 8.5/10
silage 8/10

Overall a strong 8.5 out of 10!

2017 The Minimalist
The Minimalist

Fresh, very soft, clean soapy vibe... nice!

Casual, every day scent.

2017 Arlene-Beatrix

Nice male scent, quite aromatic, but not too heavy. I think it's really well balanced.

2017 MJM

im really starting to doubt youre revieuws guys, like really really...
i have worked within this business and i can ashure there is -------NO----- bigger sillage than this one right here
its to citrus for me
i really dont get youre revieuw about moderate sillage.
i was in one of the biggest studio's and it litteraly filled up the whole space.
amzing sillage, i wish this sillage wwas upon evey scent

2017 davide2111

Declaration di Cartier è un must per gli speziati. Prodotto autunnale. L'apertura è agrumata grazie alla spemuta di arance amare, bergamotto e arancia dolce in rigoroso ordine di grandezza olfattiva. Sempre in apertura la corteccia di betulla dona sentori di pelle al "volo del profumo" che quindi viene proiettato in un lungo viale di foglie cadenti in cui il CARDAMOMO e tutte le spezie accendono il caldo cuore orientale alla fragranza. Lo spirito vispo è tenuto in piedi dallo zenzero cui la proiziene tridimensionale è fornita dalla contemporanea presenza di legno di cedro e vetiver. Le spezie ed il cardamomo sono le vere protagoniste di questo Cartier.
Profumo 9/10
Sillage 8,5/10
Longevità 8,5/10

2017 sebbydee

An almost suffocating blast of bitter orange is what I get from the opening of Declaration. I like challenging accords in a fragrance but this opening is definitely not too much my taste here though. a myriad of flowers mainly iris and jasmin combined with a good hint of spices is what makes the core of this juice. This part lasts quite a long time on me. As said previously The overall feeling of CD Is wet earthy with a sustained dirty undertone. The end of the Trip emphasizing moss and vetiver à la terre d Hermès...
Becomes rather quickly a skin scent though longevity is pretty ok'ish

2017 omida

Very spicy and peppery when initially sprayed which I found was too strong. It has amazing performance and the dry down is nice too.

2016 Joeyvice

I just received my bottle in the mail yesterday. I saw a good deal on it, and had gotten a sample from Sephora maybe 4 or 5 years ago. I hadn't smelled it since, but it left this lasting impression on me. I had got the sample during the summer, and I wore it for maybe a week, but it's one of those fragrances that causes the memories you made during the time you were wearing it to come flooding back as soon as you put it on again. Declaration is strangely organic, and very addictive. If you like Terre D' Hermes, you'll love this one. It has a raw, natural feel to it that is musky, yet so refined. I love it.

2016 Luna_J

I generally believe in leaving past reviews up when I have revised my opinion, if only to underscore how one’s nose evolves (and to serve as a warning to anyone who puts too much stock in reviews!) Suffice to say: I take it all back. This is a masterfully crafted scent; I only failed to appreciate its soapy orris accord before because of a lack of understanding. It is not a fragrance to be worn on the wrist and sniffed assiduously, but something that should wrap the whole body in its pleasurably evolving aura: radiant warmth and dusty spices, with cool iris and tea wafting on the balmiest accords of soft orange, green cardamom and aromatic vetiver. I wish I were not quite so sensitized to ISO E SUPER (it hurts me), which here is used so much more effectively to render texture than in the (still very pleasing) Terre d’Hermes. This is a wonderful, idiosyncratic, tenacious signature that I especially recommend to those who’ve tried TDH and are ready for something a little more worldly and unusual. For me, anyway (though not for me), it’s a classic.

2016 Kain

A semi fresh and heavy spicy fragrance with lots of characters that smells formal and dandy.
Right at the start I can smell a fresh and bitter citrusy scent that while it’s fresh, it has a noticeable warmth quality from lots of spices and a mellow green, clean and kind of soapy aura in the background and there are easy to detect floral notes right beside them. when I say floral notes do not freak out! I can’t point at any particular flower but I will guarantee that they are not pretty and fluffy ones that remind you of women fragrances. they do smell very rough, wild and manly. it’s a classic scent but at the same time with a modern twist and you can feel Jean-Claude Ellena’s signature all over it.

As time goes by and in the mid that fresh citrusy smell goes in the background but the bitterness of the orange peel remains while scent gets warmer, sweeter and kind of waxy/creamy. that easy to detect spicy aura is still there specially nutmeg and cardamom plus a mellow earthy feel from vetiver and those lovely and kind of exotic floral notes in the background!

In the base scent didn’t change that much. everything just starts to mellow down and get smoother but the earthy feel gets a little stronger also scent gets slightly smoky and woody with kind of an oily feel and less spicy.

Projection is above average and longevity is around 4-5 hours on the skin. it’s not a hot weather fragrance so please don’t use it in the summer! in my opinion this is a perfect fragrance for fall. when I’m smelling this it’s like fall is written all over it and also it’s a formal scent. I can’t imagine someone wearing this with sweatshirt and jeans!
If you like Terre D'Hermes check this one out but don't blind buy it. it's even more daring than Terre D'Hermes!

دکلریشن یه عطر نیمه شاداب و بشدت اسپایسی و ادویه ای هست که لایه های زیاد و به نظرم حسی کاملا رسمی و جدی داره و اصلا مهربون و کژوال نیست
تو رایحه ابتدایی من بوی شاداب مرکبات و بعبارت بهتر پرتقال رو حس میکنم که اون تلخی و حس گازدار پوست پرتقال هم بوضوح داخلش استشمام میشه. با وجود اینکه مرکباتی و شادابه با اینحال یه حس گرم و ادویه ای خیلی قوی و مشخصی داره که غیرممکنه از دستش بدین. بعلاوه اینکه یه حس سبز، گیاهی، تمیز و صابونی هم تو پس زمینه اش وجود داره و رایحه مشخصی از گلها رو هم میشه در کنارشون استشمام کرد. وقتی میگم رایحه گلها نترسین! راستش شخصا نمیتونم به بوی گل خاصی اشاره کنم و بگم بوی فلان گل رو میده اما این اطمینان خاطر رو بهتون میدم که حس فلورال و گلی عطر اصلا گوگولی و زنونه نیست و حس بسیار جدی، نخراشیده و مردونه ای داره. با اینکه حس کلی عطر کلاسیکه اما یه ته بوی مدرن و امروزی هم داره و اگر با ژان کلود النا، این جانور دو پا آشنا باشین براحتی میتونین رد پای ایشونو تو همه جای این عطر استشمام کنین

با گذر زمان و تو قسمت میانی حس مرکباتی و شاداب میره تو پس زمینه قراره میگیره اما اون زهر و تلخی پوستش کماکان باقی میمونه. همزمان با این تغییر عطر گرمتر و کمی شیرینتر میشه و یه حس گرم و خامه ای و شاید بهتر باشه بگم گرم و مومی مانند مثل حس عسل با موم اش پیدا میکنه. رایحه تند و تلخ ادویه ها کمی ملایمتر از شروع اما کماکان قدرتمند و براحتی قابل استشمام هستن خصوصا هل و جوز هندی به اضافه یه حس خاکی از وتیور(خس خس) و در نهایت اون حس عجیب و غریب و جدی گلها که همچنان تو پس زمینه قرار دارن اما براحتی هم حس میشن

تو قسمت پایه حس کلی و تناسب رایحه ها تغییرزیادی با قسمت میانی نداره. فقط لایه های عطر شروع میکنن به آروم گرفتن و ملایمتر شدن و تنها تغییر مشهود قویتر شدن اون حس خاکی هست به اضافه اینکه حس ادویه ای تا حد زیادی جای خودشو به یه حس دودی و چوبی ملایم میده که یه ذره هم بگی نگی روغنی ماننده

پخش بوی عطر خوبه و بالاتر از متوسطه و ماندگاریشم حدود 4-5 ساعت روی پوست من هست. به نظرم اصلا مناسب هوای گرم نیست پس خواهش میکنم تو تابستون ازش استفاده نکنین. بهترین فصل برای استفاده ازش پاییزه و وقتی بوش میکنم انگار کلمه پاییز روی این رایحه نوشته شده به اضافه اینکه معتقدم یه رایحه کاملا رسمی هست. حتی نمیتونم تصورشو کنم که یکی با سوئیشرت و جین اینو استفاده کنه!
اگر تق در هرمس رو دوست دارین اینو حتما تست کنین ولی تاکید میکنم بدون تست نخریدش در کل. اگر تق در هرمس رو دوست ندارین که به کل فراموشش کنین

2016 Giv

رایحه اصلی این کارهل هست ومشک وبقیه نتهادرحاشیه هستن وخیلی به بلونویرازرودریگزنزدیکه.به نظرمن بسیارخوشبوست وماندگاری خوبی هم داره باتوجه به قیمتش بسیارارزندست

2016 Wizology

(tested on wrist)

I have waited so long to test Cartier Declaration. WOW! Good things come to those who wait.

This fragrance is AMAZING. It has so much depth and is so well balanced. With citrus, aromtic herbs, warm spice, floral, woody and just enough earthiness.

It's complex, yet refined and elegant. I LOVE IT!

Definitely on my WANT list. But I also must try d'Un Soir first.

Sillage : 8/10
Longevity : 8/10
Overall : 8/10

2016 YElektra

I can't believe how much this smells like pencil shavings to me. I had high expectations but all I get is the smell that I used to get when I emptied my pencil sharpener in primary school. I only sampled it on paper, but I'm curious if that smell would transform into something entirely different on my skin.

2016 no-fi

You have to give it to Ellena - he knows which themes he likes, and he's not afraid to re-hit them. After Declaration, he went on to produce two closely related scents for the house of Hermes, Terre and Voyage. It's remarkable how much freedom he's been given to explore variations on essentially the same concept - and then release them to the general public.

Declaration is more complex than its successors, but it has the same 'soft focus' feel. It's definitely spicier and less earthy than Terre, while the orange note is more bitter and thankfully less prominent. I still find Declaration hard to wear, however. There's something musty and sweaty - probably thanks to the spices - that really doesn't play well on my skin.

Declaration is by no means a bad scent, but it's definitely not the most refined in its sub-genre. Ellena's later Hermes scents are better. And because I struggle with the orange note in Terre, I prefer Thierry Wasser's Guerlain Homme Eau Boisee, which has a refreshing mint note atop earthy cedar and vetiver.

2016 Gigi The Fashionista
Gigi The Fashionista

Fragrance Review For Declaration By Cartier

Top Notes

Artemisia Caraway Coriander Birch Mandarin Bergamot Neroli Bitter Orange

Middle Notes

Iris Ginger Cinnamon Pepper Juniper Orris Jasmine Cardamom

Base Notes

Leather Amber Tea Vetiver Oak Moss Cedar

Declaration is a piece of nostalgia for me. It was the first men's fragrance I got into (not wore) that I enjoyed on a man, this man being an ex boyfriend of mine. He wore it daily and didn't care whether it was a casual or formal event. This was his signature scent and I will always associate this cologne with him. The relationship ended very badly but the cologne's not to blame. This is a rather complex old fashioned cologne compare to today's colognes. It has a distinct peppery spiciness that sets it apart, it's a bit floral and woodsy. The top notes contain citruses that stand out. It's neroli and orange. It smells very fresh and old fashioned, bitter, not fresh. It has that orange medicinal scent I get from Shalimar. After the citrusy scents dissipate you're left with spices in the form of caraway coriander and pepper as well as cardamom and ginger. This is my favorite part of the fragrance because I really love spices.

The spices embrace juniper and jasmine, as well as a powdery root of orris and iris flower. The birch wood comes along as wells vetiver and oak moss to give this scent that aromatic masculine oomph. It's woodsy but herbal, and there's even a tea note in it. It smells better on a mature guy but it can be worn by any guy who has experience wearing scents like this one. This doesn't have aquatic notes or florals al a Acqua di Gio. It is missing tobacco but the leather and musk is very traditional for men's colognes.

Smells great and it's affordable compared to when it was first released. I recommend this to guys who take themselves seriousy and want to succeed in life. Wearing this cologne is a step in itself. It has the feel of success and the sophistication of a confident alpha male. It would have had to have more musk but as it is not too much musk gives the oak moss and birch wood as well as the spices even more room to play and release their intoxicating aroma.

Perfection. My favorite of the men's Cartiers.

2016 Beyonder

Classic citrus, spicy, soapy fragrance. The vintage formulation was pure refined elegance. A masterpiece for mature man.

2016 Supremescent

Sephora gave me a sample of this fragrance and I simply love it. I don't get a body odor or whatever ppl are talking about, all I get is absolute gorgeousness. This will be my next purchase.
UPDATE : I just couldn't get enough of this masterpiece, I ordered myself a bottle. I was going to hold off for a bit but just couldn't. I even went back to Sephora to get another sample... Lol.... They wanted 124$ for a 100 ml, my online store was 60$ for same Like what you like and wear it, I do

2016 Celeria

Beautiful spicy scent , I have no words to describe this , just try it as soon as you can !

All I can say is that it reminds me of the smell of a spice market in Morrocco ...

Performance : 5 hours - 7 hours
Projection :Projects well for first 2-3 hours , then it mixes with your skin and projects discreetly til the end.


2016 hossein_gi

actually i had sample of this one. that was really cool/fresh perfume which is appropriate to everybody but(there is always but in every good thing:-)) i never buy it because it's just ordinary not unique or special. good for every day use in office with good lasting.7/10
راستش من طی خرید عطری که از هایلند داشتم یه سمپل از این عطر هدیه گرفتم . یه بوی کاملا خنک و معمولی داره که همه پسنده و کسی پیدا نمیشه که بگه بدم میاد از بوش ولی چیز خاص و خارقالعاده ایم نیست که منو متقاعد به خریدن اون بکنه و برای من همون سمپلش بس بود. کلا مناسب استفاده هر روزه برای سره کاره. ماندگاریشم خوبه.

2016 Louismanuel

You should try the Aftershave lotion of this. It works all day from 8-17.00 amazing refreshing. The strongest aftershave I have come across. I have always been curious about the EDT but the scent is comforting but not the wauw type. So never bought it. Like the scent of other fragrances more.

2016 Jernê Knowles
Jernê Knowles

To be honest, I can not say what relation this perfume does to me specifically, the only certainty I have is that he confronts me by the way you behave on my skin, opening the exit. It is a mix of dirt with freshness and orientality that has no end, and all this combination comes and goes for kilometers, so one should be very careful when applying it, it can be a distinct point of no return. Its opening resembles the natural male sweat, say sweat and not stink there is a large gap between these two terms there is the post-bath sweat, sweating natural man himself. I think this feeling is due to the presence of caraway and coriander that are champions for these absurd impression in the world of perfumery, also feel a freshness in its output and something green fresquinho that give a touch to the elementary Cartier Declaration fragrance. His dry down is a spicy lush floral, ardidão and very ginger, among the pepper and the iris of this phase also realize a hot cinnamon and a dirty Jasmine that reminds me of "underwear used" at the end of the day, do not kill me, but is the natural smell of a man who asseia, a characteristic smell our whoever is man and knows how to properly care can perceive it naturally exchange their skimpy outfits. Its end is a scandal of droughts and heavy notes, has a lot Moss Oak drying out the fragrance, cedar notes that make it more burned yet, well mustachioed dry Leather, apart from Vetiver roots that give an aromatic exceptional touch his farewell 12 h. I confess that I have is psychologically prepared to dress with Cartier Declaration and face life!

Word of the Day: statement... (day 93)

2016 Calvini

This is the more masculine version of Voyage d'Hermes (even though that one came after) and a bridge between that one and the Parfum version..
I highly recommend trying Voyage d'Hermes Parfum if you find this one too spicy and want something warmer/deeper :)

2016 caifan

I love Declaration, although no were love at first time. It´s a complex fragrance because it has multifaces, is fresh, musky, herbal, floral and woody, all of these features makes it so versatile and elegant. For moments is citric as smell of peel of orange, in others moments is very herbal and fresh as salad with coriander and spices as caraway, also it has a beautiful floral face and finally a base with a soft woods and tea.
It takes time to understand this fragrance, but if you comes to love it, you will love it forever.
Its longevity is excellent and it has an average sillage.

2016 vihri

Forget what you've heard about perfumes, this is not a perfume, not even close. Not by any definition. Other words describe it much better, words like.. magic, it's pure magic.
*it's super complex, you can smell whatever good thing you want in here, or you can just enjoy it as a whole. it could be a female perfume as well, very unisex, very sensual, very delicate. great for a daytime smell. sillage and longevity are not great for me, though.

Update: I'm toning down my excitement for this after using it for a couple of months. You should still most definitely try this: it's still very, very good, but I find it a bit too much on the feminine side and I like to project a manly vibe. I will be selling my 100ml bottle and exchange for the mysterious and different Declaration D'un Soir.


2016 iman_hamishe_payiz

I couldn't help changing one of Colin Maillard's statements in his review down the thread:

"so perfect" that it never gets "boring".

2016 pavelk

It opens up with amazing orange-ish freshness, but sadly also overwhelming caraway blast. Then it really quickly fades into body odor of older businessman who just came back from from a cigarette break. This is definitely not for anyone under 35-40 yo.

2015 kazak

Feathered under 90-ies Drakkar. Ligament artemisia - coriander - vetiver harmoniously plays on any field.

2015 beetrase

this fragrance makes me dizzy whenever i smell it on my skin. and i think it's for women

2015 gedlive

I briefly sniffed this out at Sephora and thought, wow pretty good for a Cartier. Found a great deal and it was by J-C Ellena the perfumer of one of my very favorites Terre DHermes, I ordered a bottle.
Opon first trying it at home, my first impression was, Oh no, this is not bottle worthy of my collection that I limit to my best 25.

As some have stated in their reviews this one needs some time to appreciate, and let grow on you. As I am now enjoying it, and for now stays in my top 25 because it gets high marks for uniqueness !

It does smell like Indian food, but with the fresh ginger, citrus notes and floral nuances it is a nice herbal fresh aromatic fragrance, with some nice earthy woody basenotes that ground it with some richness.

It could smell a bit like body oder, but in a nice intriguing way. As Kouros, Eau Savage and others smell a bit salty like your own skin. Animalic in a human way ?
It smells kind of cozy like Grey Flannel.

It does evolve and change quite a bit. The Cardamom, bitter orange and Iris make the main heart accord.

Rating: 7/10

2015 Joeri

I just can't get over the body odour-thing. No, sorry, I really tend to get focused on it. The last time I wore declaration, my daughter advised me to put on some deo as she was passing by... so that one definitely closed the door for me!

2015 smora

It's more than obvious that Ellena likes always to have in his portfolio something like Terre d'Hermes or Declaration. The twins of the same perfumer. In my opinion compared to Terre d'Hermes, Declaration is much more full bodied, substantial, with more note interplay and less synthetic. When Declaration hit the marker, it was the avantgarde of new perfume breed. Masterful put together, very balanced and harmonious. Role model for Terre d'Hermes or Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir. Great stuff.

Rating: legendary ****

2015 Casamir

Got this as a sample. Not a totally bad scent, but like others that have strong pepper/cardamom notes, it smells very plasticky to me. There is a hint of mandarin as well, but I also get a bit of a sweaty/BO vibe to it (probably from the caraway and leather). After it sits on me a couple hours, the mandarin/citrus notes come closer to the surface, but that sweaty plastic is still there.
Not a fragrance I could wear

2015 strawberryswitchblade

I have been keeping a sample of this fragrance for ever. I guess didn't like it when i first got it and completely forgot about it. Today I put on a spritz before going out for an errant. Two hours later I kept smelling a most delicious scent around me whenever I moved my head. First I thought its the hair product I had on but it didn't smell familiar and I also hadn't bought anything new lately. Finally I remembered the fragrance. What a pleasant surprise! It smells absolutely clean, creamy and soapy. Close up the caraway and coriander are definitely there but from farther away it is not noticeable at all. It turns into an undefined spiciness being kept under wraps with hints of wood, citrus, herbs, and a wisp of something floral. I assume its one of those fragrances who's projection depends heavily on individual skin chemistry and shouldn't be bought blindly. I can't detect anything urin-y or curry-y for the life of me. I'm gonna get myself a bottle of this stuff!

2015 wisconsinboy

It's sweaty and spicy. It feels like a second skin. Everytime I wear it I dream of a warmer more exotic location.

2015 mikenac

The crisp citrus opening yields quickly to an earthy coriander. There are dark and fresh woody notes that remind me of a less extreme encre noir during the dry down.

I can see the resemblance to Terre d"hermes, but without the powerful dirty orange vibe. I like this better then TDH. If you like TDH, but would prefer less orange, this might be good for you.

This is complex and classy. I still haven't figured out everything that is going on with this fragrance.

2015 ConsumerThis

Ok ok ok.... I won't say it smells like Terrre dhermes , but it's in the same zip code for sure. This one starts out s little cheap and synthetic imo. The dry down is what saved this one. Luckily I was able to buy a open box 30 ml flacon for $4.99. Yeah, I know good deal.
It's not sweet.
It's fresh. Little spice to it with a whole lot of citrus. Same citrus in TDH, not like bergomontte.
Smell 8/10
Longevity 8/10
Project 6/10

2015 gordbrad

Definite vegetal/cumin note that may bug you if you don't like. Same with cedar and iso e super. but cheerful, classy, lasts all day and expensive, modern French smelling. [I am interested in smelling some of Ellena's other tomato leaf/carrot leaf/cumin/celery notes--in the Jardins series?--because this also smells like an incredibly classy delicious vegetarian soup broth a little.]

2015 omid-am

orange and leather all i feel and i love it very much .very fresh for hot summer days long lasting and very nice bottle.

2015 ecojoe69

I am going to have to agree with many others here and agree that I have no idea what this smells like in terms of notes but it is certainly what I think people would call sour. Many say salty but I'd say sour. However, like many, I like it. It's different, really different and not one to blind buy but clearly many like this unique, sour musk.

2015 minh.le

Haven't defined this scent yet. Unique? Yes. Long-lasting? Yes. But I still cant feel it. Maybe it takes more time


Традиционен, класически, мъжки. Топъл от подпрвките, хладен от ветивера и хвойната, леко горчив от тютюна. За мъжа изследовател, археолог, гелог, космонавт. Да го носи и само вятърът да усеща мириса му. За самотата като свобода да откриеш и да покориш. Доказателство за сила и потенциал. Декларация, че си мъж. Безапелационна.

2015 mchris.cav

Masculine. Ballsweat in the best kind of way. Hated it at first, but then it grew on me . It's now honestly one of my most respected fragrances. Before this I couldn't believe how someone could hate a fragrance then turn to love it . It happens apparently and now i know .

It's true that it smells like a dirty man -ball sweat, armpit sweat , salty/ peppery sweat, dry, sexy attractive and magnetic. Very masculine fragrance . Very masculine . Worth a sniff. It's very alluring and addicting in this sensual kind of way

2015 Jaradona

I think it is a caraway bomb not a cardamom bomb, mr.caraway is too strong here, and that brings food smell to me, still prefer declaration d'un soir over this one, if it were a cardamom bomb it was gonna be fine for me, better than fine actually considering the fine pyramid notes.
Cartier, please tune the caraway down a little.

2015 Cancerian1978

I received it as a gift and I have to give it to a friend. This is a cardamom bomb. Nothing else. I dont smell any other notes. The cardamom is too strong and it is all the way.

2015 Romain shk
Romain shk

Smells like St .Dupont with similarities to a lighter version of Terre Hermes but i enjoy this one a lot though i believe it is quite mature for elder crowd still i m loving it in this moment, i just bought this today only and straight away i wore it and was out 6 hours after 5 heavy sprays, it was a windy sunny day and this one i can still detect on me as i was out doors all day long. price was 30euros for the 100ml.
i think a nice deal in an ok value.
Pleasant and inoffensive scent.

2015 roman_turism

One of the best fragrance ever... 10/10

2015 CravisX

One thing I know about Cartier Declaration, it is just for mature and older men. I have 26 years old and I feel that I am too young for the smell, It is unique, superb, but for older gentleman. When I applied this on my skin I felt that I had an aged hand. I don't want to feel old so soon, only when time comes. Don't blind buy, try it first!

Long lasting!!!
Unique smell!!!
Good sillage!!!

Final rating 9/10

2015 ken.z008

This fragrance smells so amazing on someone else than wearing it myself(I couldnt smell it on myself). It enhances one's natural smell and makes one look like an angel. It gives a positive aura , a feeling, rather than just a scent. I would imagine this as Jean-Baptiste Grenouille's final perfume from the Perfume: the Story of a Murderer. It has a body odour smell that doesnt come from cumin, but from cedarwood, enhanced by citrus and cardamom. It leaves off a trail of soft velvet woodiness with floral undertone; suited for people who are naturally beautiful without knowing it and enhances one's natural attractiveness. If I had to choose a perfume for a person I like, it would be this--no pretense, no nonsense--a simple yet beautiful composition.