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The Word “Swiss” in Swiss Luxury Watches

A Swiss Replica Watch: According to the Federation, a watch may carry the name "Swiss made" or "Swiss" only if it complies with the following:

  • Its movement is Swiss;
  • Its movement is cased up in Swit rgtgggrw. omega constellation chronometerzerland;
  • The manufacturer carries out the final inspection in Switzerland.

A Swiss Watch Movement: A movement is considered Swiss if it complies with the following conditions:

  • It has been assembled in Switzerland;
  • It has been inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland;

The components of Swiss manufacture account for at least 50 percent of the total value, without taking into account the cost of assembly.

These standards are very strict. If the movement complies with the above-mentioned conditions but is not assembled in Switzerland, the name "Swiss" may be indicated in one of the components of the movement. On the outside of the watch, the entire phrase "Swiss movement" may be used. The word "movement" must be spelled out in full and have the same size, color, and type-face as the word "Swiss".

What do these ordinances mean? The Swiss watch industry is really serious regarding the use of the word "Swiss" and the quality of the watches that bear the origin. The watches we feature are genuine Swiss made luxury watches – not replicas, fakes, or counterfeits. We want readers and buyers to be educated regarding the quality of their purchase and why it is important to buy from a reputable source.

Image via Wikipedia Most manufacturers of Swiss luxury watches have been around for centuries. A long history of watchmaking shows that manufacturer has mastered the craft and has been around long enough because it is trusted. Because of their history, Swiss watchmakers have excelled in the creation of timepieces that are not only functional, but also reliable, elegant, and innovative at the same time. We have researched the history of the most famous Swiss luxury watches and provided you with the year when these watch manufacturers were founded.

How to keep a high quality watch

The life of high quality watch is related with whether the wearer ues the proper and maintenance of watches. The high quality watches look dirty, strap length of discomfort, the use of environment and so on. If the high quality watches are easy to cause the watch to damage, it will shorten the life. The high quality watches should be keep in every two to three years, such as the corresponding maintenance, inspection time performance and movement power. Regular maintenance service will effectively extend your high quality watch time.

The waterproof high quality wathch:

The waterproof high quality wathch relys on table mirror, rear cover, the first Department of waterproof rubber ring to the corresponding standard. All the high quality water table in the bottom cover with" WATER RESISTANT" or "WATER PROOF" of English words. No marks of waterproof high quality watch is only dust, should avoid the water. 30 m ( 3ATM, namely 3 atmospheric pressure ) water table, can be used for daily grooming or rain water use, i.e. only splashed on the surface without any water on the table. 50 meters waterproof sheet is suitable for swimming and general household chores, 100 meters waterproof sheet can be used for swimming and diving, underwater work.

Waterproof rubber aging will affect the water resistance of the high quality watch, so the high quality watch of waterproof rubber ring and the head (containing the waterproof ring ) based on usage should be changed regularly. Quartz watch in every cell must be changed at the same time waterproofing components, in order to ensure good waterproof property.

The high quality watch of water tables are not wearing any wash a hot bath, sauna or large temperature changes in the environment in the use of. Because the waterproof apron will be affected by temperature, thermal expansion and cold contraction gap and accelerated aging can cause water and table appear in the water coagulation, serious will make the mechanical damage.

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Logo of Phnom Penh Post newspaper Phnom Penh Post - Longines keeping watch on Asian economy, fakes

Longines keeping watch on Asian economy, fakes

The Phnom Penh Post’s Ramady Moun recently caught up with Walter Von Kanel, the long-time president of Longines Watch, a member of Swiss Swatch Group, during the BaselWorld 2012 in Switzerland.


Would you please give us a brief history of your company for readers in our region, especially in Cambodia where they don’t know much about Longines Watches?

This year will be our 180th anniversary. Auguste Agassiz started by making the watches himself. From 1867, we’ve made watches in a village called Saint-Imier and we are still there today. By far we are the biggest factory there. When I started in 1969, it was still a family business, and then it became a joint venture. Since 1984, we’ve been a proud member of SMH, which later became Swatch Group. We got big in the 1990s when there were not so many big companies in the market.

Last year, we became the number 4 or the number 5 Swiss Watch brand, bringing in close to US$1 billion.

Now for the luxury watch brands, where do you position Longines? Middle class? Top end or an average one?

For the watch industry, we think of a pyramid shape of prices versus volume. Breguet, Patek Phillippe are in the luxury segment, Longines and Rado are in the top range, Tissot is in the middle range and Swatch is an entry range price. OMEGA is almost a luxury segment.

Our company produces more than one million watches a year, between 6,000 to 7,000 pieces a day. From our experiences if things get tough like in 2008 and 2009, usually Longines and TISSOT suffer less because we have a very affordable price and we have a good ratio of price versus quality. We have the dominant position.

What do you foresee for product development in your company?

No major changes to the products. If you have a company with this kind of performance, with revenue close to US$1 billion, we don’t want to change our product policy. We will add the new models sometimes, like this year we have a new collection. We do not want to change our advertising campaign, but it is very important that we stay in our price segment. It is consistency, continuation and steady forecasting.

With the current economic crisis, how has the buying sentiment for luxury goods been affected?

There is no effect whatsoever right now on our sales. During 2008 and 2009, Longines moved forward in our price segment. According to our January and February 2012 figures, Greece sales are actually higher than 2011. The Swiss global export for January 2012 was 15 per cent higher than last year. We are in a very lucky brand, very lucky industry and very lucky group.

Where does the growth come from? EU?  North, South America? Africa or Asia?

We have 33 countries of own distributions. If we take last year’s figures, all countries contributed.

Remember that we sold our first watch in China in December 1867 and ... I myself went to China in 1971.

The greater China region [China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan] combined made up over 50 per cent of total sales revenues. One third is EU, while North America is less than 10 per cent and the balance from rest of the world. South America is still very small percentage. Thank you, Far East!

You said over 50 per cent of the global sales are from the Far East. Are you concerned with copyright infringement in Asia?

Countries who have signed onto the World Trade Organisation have to respect its agreements. There are two battles here:

The first one is an abuse of the brand name – those who are putting Longines’ name on China-made watches. The second one is the copy of the design, as you can see in the Central Market in Cambodia. The whole industry, especially the brands under Swatch Group, is fighting very heavily.

The first battle is with the manufacturers, and we have caught someone every week. There are two big manufacturing countries – China and Thailand. The biggest one is in China and the second biggest is in Bangkok. In China, we have to find them, and then the police will come in.  

In Phnom Penh and Vietnam, shops are selling modified and fake watches. We have caught a few where we have sent our internal police there. And then we have to fight against the wholesalers who are going to Phnom Penh selling fake watches, and then we are fighting against the shops in the first and second floor of the Central Market.

Things are improving, but we have lots of battles here.

But remember that they only copy the successful brands; they will never copy unknown brands.



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