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Burgi Cartier Watch mujeres


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Burgi Women's BUR104RG Swiss Quartz Diamond Dial Rose-tone Black Satin Strap Watch
Burgi Women's BUR104RG Swiss Quartz Diamond Dial Rose-tone Black Satin Strap Watch
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Cartier Watch mujeres

omega speedmaster wide arrow
hublot classic fusion titanio 42mm
relojes omega

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Реците другима шта мислите
Celia Xi
· 23. август 2017.
Disappointed on Cartier after sales service


I brought two Ballon Bleu De watches to Hong Kong element Cartier stores for service and I am very disappoint on your customer service.

In 2010 I bought one pair Ballon Bleu De watch for myself and I am very happy with it as it run perfect for 6 years. However, the Ballon Bleu De watch I bought for my husband in 2011 is a serious nightmare.

The watch was broken down after 1 year and we bought to Cartier in 2013, Cartier wants to charge us for the repair. After I made the complaint, they repaired it for Free. In 2015, the watch broken down again within 2 years.

Cartier checked it and told us that the watch need to be service again and they want to charge HK$4000. In 2017 Aug, the waist band of the watch was broken and I took to Cartier, after 20 days, I called them and they wants to charge HK$4000 for a service again. If the watch need to be serviced every two years, Cartier should mention this when they sell the watch to the consumers. This is a very high maintain cost as each service cost 10% of the watch retail value.

I also have the watch from other brands and the service is only requests at least 5 years usage.

I am also wants to mention how rude the store staffs and the customer services staffs from Cartier. They don’t even check the service history before they talk to the customer and I have to repeat the unpleased story three times. They don’t care their brand and just wants you pay for the service. I waste a lot of money and time on this Cartier Ballon Bleu De watch and won’t buy from Cartier again. I can’t believe Cartier is throw their reputations on the floor while their major competitors are providing wonderful service to their clients.
Прикажи још
Becky Morris
· 14. август 2017.
I'm so fed up with Cartier not delivering to Jersey Channel Islands, we have a number of pieces and it's very frustrating when you want to purchase a gift not b...eing able to get the item shipped here. I do not see why when all the other premium brands can ship to me you can't. It's really not that difficult. Harrods do however they do not have the whole range. Yours Sincerely A seriously frustrated Cartier customer. Прикажи још
Arif Hirani
· 11. септембар 2017.
I have a beautiful Calibre de Cartier but every 2 years I have to take it for "repairs" . This is not the reliability I expect . I have had to replace the movement , etc . At what point does one say that the watch is not made properly ? Who can I discuss this with? Arif
Harpa Hjartar
· 30. септембар 2017.
I was in your Cartier store in Selfridges in London on last August 11th. I was finally buying the trinity gold ring that I have wanted so badly for the past 20 ...years. It was a big day for me. To make everything perfect I was served by the wonderful Petra Havlickova. She made everything just perfect. She was so lovely and helpful and was genuinly excited when she heard that I was finally getting the ring that I have wanted for so many years. She was professional and very nice.

To many people, buying a ring at your store may not be a big deal. For a teacher in Iceland like myself, it was a huge one! Petra made the experience just wonderful. When I walked out of the store with the ring finally on my finger, I got a little bit chocked up. I could hardly believe that this had finally happened. Petra made this experience even better, she was genuinly happy for me and just so wonderful. I hope that you realise how lucky you are to have a member of your team like Petra.

Please give her my best regards and thanks for everything and tell her that I named my ring after her ;)

Next time I‘ll buy the watch! :)
Прикажи још
Swati Kayan
· 6. август 2017.
#Cartier has
Misbehaved rude sales ppl at the Delhi store think they will sit at the store to give charity to customers what a favour
I wish them the worst of ...sales
There is a sales guy at the store called mohamad rizvi this person needs to be taught manners and be told that just because he is at the store does not mean he owns Cartier and he dare not misbehave with clients the store manageress needs to make him apologise
Прикажи још
Marco Rodi
· 3. септембар 2017.
Good morning, my good friend Roof would like to buy the Crash Cartier Watch (the one melting, inspired by Salvador Dali) for his girlfriend Geneviève but they live in Canada and they can't find it... is there a place we can order it online? Merci les chums. thats it.
Teo Tsagaris
· 1. јул 2017.
I went to a cartier boutique and asked for the Cartier Magazine with the intention to pay for it since you can be a subscriber. They told me with audacity that ...they give it usually to registered customers and not to the general public. Then they made me a favor giving it to me since I said that I am willing to pay for it. Anyway they didn't charge me money and they gave it to me. Unacceptable since we know that this particular magazine has a specified price and you can purchase it. The answer "we give it usually to people who give us money purchasing watches and other staff" is unpardonable. Прикажи још
Jack Kruger
· 19. август 2017.
How can you show your Panther Cartier ad as a preload for My Little Pony videos on youtube? The content is not appropriate for children. Why is your company trying to sell jewelry and sex to children??????
Fathia Bouhouche
· 16. август 2017.
J'ai acheté une montre cartier au centre de istinya park à Istanbul au mois de janvier.
Quand j'ai mis la montre, je me retrouve avec un poignet tout noir .. C est l'horreur ,
Je ne peux plus mettre la montre... Alors je vous dis que C est le cauchemar
Eli Piedra
· 18. август 2017.
Hola soy de Costa Rica me gustaria el financiamiento,soy una mujer emprendedora con una idea para ayudar a mujeres y coolaborar con el planeta
Xinia Vargas Mora
· 29. август 2017.
Hola soy de Costa Rica y con mucho talento en la industria textil será posible tener la posibilidad de concursar ...
Hans Ljusterdal
· 5. јун 2017.
I just bought a pair of eyeglasses (not sunglasses) from Cartier. Very nice and very good quality!
Silvia Azurdia
· 15. август 2017.
Me gustaria mas informacion. Necesito credito para instalar una pet shop y con las ganancias ayudar a mascotas rescatadas. Gracias.
Taylor Fay
· 27. април 2017.
These days my FB was jammed about Cartier's "screw" bracelet , the shape of the ugly, rough design beyon imagination, so i have to do this....
So many years, an...d finally, on the eve of the Labor Day to the Cartier released the new one!!! even "nail ring“ has been refresh for several years, they could told rich people we not only produce nails, but also imitation screws Oh! so exciting!!!
Cartier, the international top line jewelry brand, the United States called: the emperor's jeweler, jeweler's emperor. With its extraordinary creativity and perfect craft for the human creation of many exquisite, unparalleled masterpieces masterpieces. But what do you think the emperor would like to wear nail screws? Extraordinary creativity? Exquisite craftsmanship From the screw design and technology point of view, no new ideas, the designer inspiration muse is gone, the design level like kid, next would be a hammer? I think this designer is a hammer!
maybe someone dont know cartier thought this is hardware company........ what do you think ???
Прикажи још
Marilu Vasquez Aguero
· 8. август 2017.
Me gusta mucho como aria yo para recibir todo pero no podria hacer prestamo ya q no trabajo solo soy mujer sola y plancho en casas pero me gusta las manualidades y no tengo para la materia prima
Kevin Tran
· 23. мај 2017.
No reply from Cartier on their online inquire. Submitted inquire on March 31st...not sure how much longer I still have to wait.
Tirza V
· 3. септембар 2017.
Bought my husband a Cartier watch, and the crystal is scratched after ONE TIME USE. This is shoddy quality and I am very displeased
Allain Boy Paras Mallabo
· 17. јул 2017.
Cartier! For me is one of the exceptional! Watch!must try
Christa Wellmann
· 19. август 2017.
Hola, soy de Guatemala y me gustaria recibir informacion a cerca del programa para mujeres emprendedoras. Gracias. Me encanta la joyeria Cartier.
Cornelia Vega
· 7. септембар 2017.
evolutie a crea faptul în sine
invidie la modul simpatie
as vrea sa fiu felină pentru a inspira ...
felina sau omul este mai provocator ca sursa de inspiratie
cartier atrage atentia nu il poți ignora
revelatie pentru neavizat
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Фотографија корисника Cartier
Фотографија корисника Cartier
Фотографија корисника Cartier
Прикажи све
Видео записи
Continuously reinvented over the past 100 years, all Tanks share defining characteristics that stay true to the original design: parallel and vertical bars on the sides. #Tank100 #CartierTank
A world icon: Française, Americaine, or Anglaise? Discover the Tank designs:
Tank de Cartier
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20. октобар у 08:00

The first OSNI or Unidentified Scented Object by the Maison Cartier opens today at the Bassin du Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Dreamt up by Mathilde Laurent, Cartier's in-house perfumer, Le Nuage Parfumé (The Scented Cloud) is the first in a series of unique olfactory experiences created alongside talented people from all over the world.

Фотографија корисника Cartier


Squared Off: As classic as it is modern, a square-dial watch serves up style that's anything but boxed in.
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