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Question Answer Date In The Sword in the Stone, what does Merlin call The Greatest Force on Earth? Love 04/19/2001 In Aladdin, what is the name of Jasmine's pet tiger? Rajah 04/23/2001 How did Walt's Brother Roy propose to his wife Edna? By Telegram 04/25/2001 In Peter Pan, Captain Hook had a hook on which one of his hands? His Left 03/09/2001 What is now considered the fastest ride in Walt Disney World? Test Track 03/07/2001 What author wrote the book that the animated feature The Jungle Book is based on? Rudyard Kipling 03/14/2001 When does Mary Poppins say she will leave the Banks' house? When the WInd Changes 03/16/2001 What is the name of the farm where the Barnstormer is located? Goofy's WIse Acre Farm 03/19/2001 Who is the man that supplied the synthesized voice for the Main Street Electrical Parade from 1979 to 1991? Jack Wagner 03/12/2001 What are the names of the 2 trouble makers in Cranium Command in EPCOT? Tad and Rico 03/05/2001 In the Lion King, where does Mufasa and his family live? Pride Rock 03/21/2001 What is the motto for the Rescue Aid Society in The Rescuers? We Never Fail to do What is Right 03/28/2001 In Dumbo, where is Mrs. Jumbo when the stork delivers her baby? In the circus Train 03/30/2001 Minnie Mouse had a bird that appeared in 1 cartoon along with Figaro from Pinocchio. What was the bird's name? Frankie 04/02/2001 What town is the setting for the Disney Movie "The Love Bug?" San Francisco 04/04/2001 What is the name of the sound system created for Fantasia? Fantasound 04/06/2001 What are the names of Walt Disney's 3 Brothers? Roy Ray and Herb 04/09/2001 In Beauty and the Beast, how many egss does Gaston eat for breakfast? 5 Dozen 04/13/2001 During the battle with Aladdin, what type of animal does Jafar transform himself into? A Cobra 04/16/2001 Which full length animated feature did Walt Disney originally consider having as a Live Action Film with Mary Martin having the lead role? Peter Pan 04/27/2001 Before Mickey Mouse, what Disney character was suggested to be the Sorcerer's Apprentice in Fantasia? Dopey 04/30/2001 After being on earth, where did Hercules first meet his father Zeus? In the Temple of Zeus 05/02/2001 In Toy Story, what game does the slinky play? Checkers 01/27/1999 In Mary Poppins, what animal was on the end of Mary Poppins' umbrella that spoke? A Parrot 02/12/1999 When Walt Disney World opened in October of 1971, who gave the opening day speech? Roy Disney 02/23/1999 What was the first roller coaster attraction at Walt Disney World, Space Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain?? Space Mountain 03/02/1999 What is the name of Donald Duck's sister (Also the mother of Huey Dewey & Louie) ? Dumbella 03/08/1999 What was the first fairy tale that Walt Disney made a cartoon about? Answer: Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood 03/10/1999 In Cranium Comman in EPCOT, what is the name of the young boy whose brain is piloted by Buzzy? Bobby 03/27/1999 In Hercules, Hades promised not to harm Megara provided that Hercules give up his strength. How long did he have to agree to give up his strength for? 24 Hours 03/24/1999 What actor provided the voice of Lumiere in Beauty & the Beast? Jerry Orbach 04/01/1999 Friday's Question:What is the name of the original novel that inspired the full length feature animation: The Hunchback of Notre Dame? Notre Dame de Paris 03/05/1999 Which Disney Full Length Animated Fetaure was the last one to use a storybook as an introduction in the begining of the movie? Robin Hood 03/26/1999 Including Main Street, how many stops does the Disneyland Railroad make? And name them if you can. 4. Main Street USA; New Orleans Square; Mickey's Toontown; and Tomorrowland. 03/17/1999 What is the only cartoon created by Walt Disney that had an Easter Theme? Hint: It was a Silly Symphony. Funny LIttle Bunnies 04/02/1999 In what full length animated feature would you find a villain named Sykes? Oliver and Company 04/05/1999 In Aladdin, another actor was suggested to do the voice of the parrot Iago, who was it?? Danny DeVito 03/12/1999 In MGM studios, the Tower of Terror is exactly 199 feet high, why was it made that specific height? Because if it was 200 feet or more, it would require a beacon to warn airplanes 03/15/1999 What was the name of the dragon (god wanna be) in Mulan and who provided his voice? Mushu by Eddie Murphy 04/07/1999 What Disney Full Length Animated Feature was released in only 14 theaters throughout the world and why? Fantasia because of it being released in 1940 and the theaters couldn't handle the complicated sound system needed (Mostly because of the war). 04/16/1999 In Lady & the Tramp, by what name did Tony call Tramp? Butch 04/12/1999 What is the name of the 2,100 foot-long stream that travels through Typhoon Lagoon in WDW that guests can ride in an inner tube through ? Castaway Creek 04/19/1999 In the begining of the animated feature Dumbo, they zoom in on a map of the US to the state where the circus goes for the winter,what state do they zoom in on?? Florida 04/25/1999 What was the name of the whale in Pinocchio? Monstro 02/16/1999 In Downtown Disney in WDW there is a restaurant on aboat named Fulton's Crab House, what was it called before that? The Empress Lily (named after Walt's Wife) 02/13/1999 In Walt Disney World's Carousel of Progress, how many different theaters are there? 6 02/17/1999 During the ballroom scene of Beauty & the Beast, what color is Belle's Gown? Gold 02/18/1999 What was the first Disney Full Length Animated Feature that used the wide screen process of Cinema Scope? Lady & the Tramp 02/19/1999 How many individual panels make up the exterior shell of Spaceship Earth in EPCOT? 11,324 03/04/1999 In Bambi, what word does the owl use to describe falling in love? Twitterpatted 02/25/1999 What are the elevators called in the Living Seas in EPCOT? Hydrolators 02/26/1999 In EPCOT, which country is located at each gateway into the World Showcase? (There are 2 of them) Mexico and Canda 03/03/1999 In Alice in Wonderland, what is the name of Alice's kitten? Dinah 03/20/1999 Friday's Question: In the Little Mermaid when Ariel sees Prince Eric, what type of celebration was happening on the ship?? A Birthday Party 03/19/1999 What actor was the first to receive a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor for providing a voice in a Disney Full Length Feature Animation? Robin Williams for the voice of the genie in Aladdin 03/18/1999 In the Aristocats, what kind of truck does O'Malley spot to give Dutchess and the kittens a ride back to Paris in? A Milk Truck 04/06/1999 In Splash Mountain, Brer Fox has a book titled: "How to Catch a Rabbit", who is the author of that book? Brer Wolf 05/19/1999 Where in WDW can you find the Neverland Club for kids? The Polynesian 05/20/1999 In front of Cinderella's Castle there is a statue of Walt Disney & Mickey Mouse holding hands...What is this statue called? Partners 04/10/1999 In Beauty & the Beast, how many years is it before everyone in the castle is changed back to their normal selves? (It is mentioned in 1 part of the movie...Name the part if you can too) "10 Years we've been rusting needing so much more than dusting" As sung by Lumiere 04/20/1999 Where in Walt Disney World can you find the Roaring Fork, and what is it? A restaurant in the Wilderness Lodge 04/21/1999 In the Rescuers, where is the Rescue Aid Society headquarters located? In the United Nations Building 04/14/1999 What is odd about the Names of Ariel's sisters in the Little Mermaid? They all start with the letter A. As in: Andrina, Adella, Attina, Alana, Aquata, and Arista. 04/27/1999 Who is the nurse maid to the children in Peter Pan? Nanna the Saint Bernard 05/27/1999 In Pluto's cartoon "Judgement Day", Pluto is put on trial, what type of animals make up the jury? Cats 04/29/1999 What is the only Disney Attraction to be in 4 different lands in the 4 different parks throughout the world? and name the lands. The Haunted Mansion. In WDW's Magic Kingdom it is in Liberty Square, In Tokyo Disneyland it is in Fantasyland, In Disneyland California it is in New Orleans Square, and in Disneyland Paris it is in Frontierland 05/18/1999 In what Disney Full Length Animated Feature can you find a character named Diablo, and what type of character is he? Diablo can be found in Sleeping Beauty and is Maleficent's pet raven 02/02/1999 In Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tony Jay supplied the voice of Judge Frollo. What was another character he supplied a voice for in a different full length feature animation? Monsieur D' Arque who was the proprietor of the asylum in Beauty & the Beast. 01/29/1999 In Walt Disney World, what is the name of the lake located near the Yacht & Beach Club and Boardwalk Resorts? Crescent Lake 01/28/1999 What is the name of the Hall in Walt DIsney World where the Hoop-Dee-Doo Dinner Show is held? Pioneer Hall 02/08/1999 What was the name of the first color Disney comic strip? The Silly Symphonies 02/03/1999 According to the bell tower in Cinderella, what time does the royal ball start? 8 PM 02/09/1999 What was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon made in color? The Band Concert 02/24/1999 How many branches are on the swiss family treehouse in Walt Disney World? 600 02/20/1999 When Pinocchio is transformed into a real boy, what is different about his hands? He has 5 fingers instead of 4 03/11/1999 The Living Seas in EPCOT is home to the largest salt water tank in the world, how many gallons does it hold? 5.7 Million Gallons 03/09/1999 In the Hunchback of Notre Dame, what was the name of the Captain of the Guard, and what actor supplied his voice? Phoebus with the voice of Kevin Kline 02/27/1999 What is the name of Pocahontas' father? Chief Powhatan 03/30/1999 In Which Disneyland Attraction can you find the phrase "Verdict First, Sentence Afterward" ? Alice in Wonderland 03/23/1999 What Disney Animated Character is considered the Treasurer for Disney according to the print on each Disney Dollar? Scrooge McDuck 03/25/1999 Which Resort at Walt Disney World has the largest amount of rooms? The Caribbean Beach with 2,112 04/08/1999 What was the name of the 1992 television series which featured Goofy in it? Goof Troop 04/28/1999 What were the names of Walt Disney's Parents? Elias and Flora 04/22/1999 What was the first year that Disney released 2 full length feature animations in the same year and what were the movies? 1940 Fantasia and Pinocchio 04/26/1999 In which park's Fantasyland will you find the attraction, "Alice's Curious Labyrinth"? Disneyland Paris 05/23/1999 In Hercules What is the name of Hercules' trainer and what type of creature is he? Philoctetes and he is a Satyr 05/24/1999 What type of animal is the Sultan's throne shaped like in Aladdin? An Elephant 04/15/1999 In WDW's Haunted Mansion is the ceiling stretching or are you actually being lowered? What about in Disneyland?? In WDW the ceiling rises while in Disneyland you are in an elevator and are being lowered. 05/25/1999 In Beauty and the Beast, what feature was given to Belle only so she would stand out in the village and seem that she really did not fit in? She was the only one in the village wearing the color blue 05/04/2001 Who kidnapped Hercules when he was a baby? Pain and Panic 12/16/1999 What is the name of the Hummingbird in Pocahontas? Flit 12/17/1999 How many rows of seats are there in the boats for "It's a Small World"? 6 12/20/1999 What television star appears in the attraction "Sounds Dangerous" in MGM Studios in WDW? Drew Carey 12/21/1999 According to Gaston when he is singing his song in Beauty & the Beast, what is he "especially good at"? Expectorating 12/22/1999 What was Walt Disney's First Live Action Film? Treasure Island 12/23/1999 What Company was the original sponsor of "The Land" in EPCOT when it first opened? Kraft 12/27/1999 In Disneyland, on Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin, the two Jack-in-the-Boxes are named after imagineers who worked on creating the attraction. What are their names? Moe and Joe 12/28/1999 What actor was used as a model in the creation of the villain Chernabog from Fantasia? Bela Lugosi 12/29/1999 In Peter Pan, what are the first names of the Darling Parents? George and Mary 02/28/2000 What do the films Pinocchio, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast all have in common? They all wish to become human 03/01/2000 In the Little Mermaid, what is the name of Prince Eric's dog? Max 03/02/2000 Some time ago we had the question...Who is the only one of the 7 Dwarfs without a beard?? Of course the answer was Dopey....but, what other characteristic does Dopey have that the other Dwarfs do not?? Not only was Dopey the only Dwarf who did not talk, but he was also the only one with blue eyes. (And yes He had the Biggest Ears !) 02/25/2000 In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which 2 dwarfs had their voices provided by the same person? also... what is his name and what other famous character did he provide a voice for? Grumpy and Sleepy with the voices provided by Pinto Colvig (Also known for providing the voice of Goofy) 03/05/2000 What event displaced Dumbo's planned appearance on the cover of Time Magazine? World War 2 03/06/2000 In Beauty and the Beast, while Belle's father is traveling through the forest with his invention he comes across a directional sign pointing to 2 cities. What are the 2 cities and what is their significance to Disney? The 2 cities are Anaheim (The home of Disneyland) and Valencia (The home of art school attended by many Disney Animators 03/07/2000 The very first cartoons created by Walt Disney were a series of shorts for a theater in Kansas City, Missouri. What was the name of the theater? The Newman Theater 03/08/2000 In Tarzan, during the campground scene, a character from another Disney Full Length Animated Feature can be seen on the table. Who is it? Mrs Potts and Chip from Beauty and the Beast 03/09/2000 What Country made Goofy their Official Olympic Mascot in 1980? France 03/10/2000 When Disneyland First opened in 1955 who bought the very first admission ticket at a cost of $1 ? Walt's Brother Roy 03/11/2000 In the Lion King, where does Mufasa forbid Simba to go? The Elephant Graveyard 03/14/2000 In the Rescuers what is the motto of the Rescue Aid Society ? We Never Fail to Do What is right 03/15/2000 What Attraction opened in Tokyo Disneyland in 1997, which is a revised version of "Honey I Shrunk the Audience"? Microadventure 03/16/2000 What was the first Disney Song released on Sheet Music? Minnie's Yoo Hoo written by Walt Disney and Carl Stalling 03/17/2000 What is the name of the butler in Oliver and Company? Winston 03/20/2000 In Peter Pan, what is the way to Neverland ? Second star to the right and straight on til morning 03/21/2000 In Mary Poppins according to Bert, what brings one luck? Shaking hands with a chimney sweep, or blowing him a kiss 03/22/2000 What does Pinocchio wear in his hat? A red feather 03/23/2000 In Lady and the Tramp, what is the terrier Jock's full name? Heather Lad o' Glencairn 03/24/2000 What is the name of the fictional city featured in Aladdin? Agrabah 03/27/2000 What color is Dumbo's hat? Yellow 03/28/2000 What is the name of the horse in The Aristocats? Frou Frou 03/29/2000 What was the quote that Walt Disney used in the dedication of Disneyland's Fantasyland? "Fantasyland is dedicated to the young and the young at heart; to those who believe that when you wish upon a star, your dreams do come true." 03/30/2000 What one thing do each of the following full length feature animations have in common? Bambi, Robin Hood, and Lion King? They all have an all animal cast 01/31/2000 What 1970s Full Length Animated Feature was originally planned to be a 2-Part Live Action Special on Television? The Aristocats 02/01/2000 In Mulan, who is the leader of the Huns? San Yu 02/02/2000 What is the name of the ship in Walt Disney's Movie Treasure Island? The Hispaniola 02/03/2000 What did Walt Disney win his first Academy Award for? The Silly Symphony Flowers and Trees 02/04/2000 In The Rescuers, what is the name of the airline run by Orville? The Albatross Air Charter Service 02/07/2000 In What Country was Walt Disney's father Elias born?? Canada 02/08/2000 In the animated feature Pocahontas, what is the name of the Indian that wanted to marry Pocahontas? Kocoum 02/09/2000 In the Animated Feature The Aristocats, who was the leader of the Jazz Band? Scat Cat 02/10/2000 What was the first Disney Live Action film that was filmed at the Walt Disney Studio in Burbank California? 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 02/11/2000 What Disney Themed television show aired on February 8, 1983 as a salute to romance with clips from Disney Animated Features? Valentine From Disney 02/14/2000 In the Animated Feature Tarzan, what is Jane's Last Name? Porter 02/15/2000 What opened first in Walt Disney World?...The Port Orleans Resort or the Dixie Landings Resort ? The Port Orleans Resort opened first on May 7, 1991. The Dixie Landings Resort opened on February 2, 1992 02/16/2000 What movie was inspired by Walt Disney when he witnessed an experiment with Carbon Dioxide Gas? The Absent Minded Professor 02/17/2000 What is the order (From Lowest to the Highest) of the 4 Disney Castles located in WDW, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland? Disneyland's Sleeping beauty Castle: 77 Feet Disneyland Paris' Sleeping Beauty Castle: 148 Feet Walt Disney World's Cinderella Castle: 180 Feet Tokyo Disneyland's Cinderella Castle 185 Feet 02/18/2000 Name 2 Disney Films where you can find a cat named Lucifer? Cinderella (The House Cat) and in the 1946 Cartoon Pluto's Kid Brother where Lucifer was a tough Alley Cat. 02/21/2000 When Disneyland's Monorail first opened in 1959 it was the first daily operating monorail in the country. What was it called when it first opened? Disneyland-Alweg Monorail System (Alweg was the German Based Company that assisted in its design) 02/22/2000 There are a total of 12 parking lots for the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, what are they named? Chip'n'Dale, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy, Donald, Sleepy, Dopey, Happy, Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful. 02/23/2000 Question: How many years did the Genie spend in the lamp before Aladdin released him? According to the Genie..."10,000 Years will give you such a crick in your neck" 02/27/2000 What nickname does Peter Pan give to Captain Hook? Codfish 02/29/2000 What actress was originally considered to play the role of Mary Poppins until it was decided to be a musical? Bette Davis 05/07/2001 In the Lion King, what is the name of Nala's Mother and what does her name mean? Sarafina and it means Shining Star 05/09/2001 In Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too (1974), who supplied the voice of Roo? Clint Howard, brother of actor/director Ron Howard 05/11/2001 Who wrote the Mickey Mouse March Song? Jim Dodd 05/14/2001 WHich one of Walt Disney's daughters was born on New Year's Eve? Sharon Mae 05/16/2001 In Toy Story, what is the name of Sid's Dog? Skud 05/18/2001 In Hunchback of Notre Dame, what is Judge Frollo's first name? Claude 05/21/2001 How tall is the Guitar in front of the Rockin Roller Coaster at MGM Studios? 40 Feet 05/23/2001 In Dumbo, whose baby is delivered by the stork last? Mrs. Jumbo's 05/25/2001 In Peter Pan, what city does the story begin in? London 05/28/2001 What is the name of the Mickey Mouse record album, released in 1979, that went "Multi-Platinum"? Mickey Mouse Disco 05/30/2001 How many speakers are on one train of the Disney MGM Studios ride Rockin roller coaster featuring Aerosmith?? 126 06/01/2001 Who drew the 1953 plans of Disneyland for Walt Disney? Marvin Davis 06/04/2001 What animated feature, created by Walt Disney, was inspired by him playing the lead role in a school play? Peter Pan 06/06/2001 In what year did Walt Disney World receive its 50 millionth visitor? 1976 06/08/2001 In Hunchback of Notre Dame, what is the date of Topsy-Turvy Day? January 6 06/11/2001 For what animated feature did Disney animators take a four-thousand-mile, two-and-a-half-week Australian expedition to research, take photos, and make sketches? The Rescuers Down Under 06/13/2001 What is the total time spent riding Space Mountain in Walt Disney World? 2 minutes and 38 seconds 06/15/2001 What statue does Hercules "create" while in the garden with Megara? The Venis de Milo 06/18/2001 What is the name of the mountain at Disney's California Adventure? Grizzly Peak 06/20/2001 Where in Walt Disney World can you find the Bomokandi Bertha? Its one of the boats in the jungle cruise along with the: Amazon Annie, Congo Connie, Ganges Gertie, Irrawaddy Irma, Kwango Kate, Mongola Millie, Nile Nellie, Orinoco Ida, Rutshuru Ruby, Senegal Sal, Sanduru Sadie, Ucyoli Lolloy, Volta Val, Wamba Wanda, 06/22/2001 What is the name of the program encouraging Disney employees to contribute their ideas to the company? I Have an Idea 06/25/2001 What was the name of the aircraft you flew on when riding through the attraction Dream Flight (which is now Buzz Lightyear's Star Command)? The Global Clipper 06/27/2001 In Alien Encounter, during the preshow, a robot demonstrates the transportation system with the alien life form Skippy. What is this robot's name and what does this name stand for? SIR, Simulated Intelligence Robotics 06/29/2001 In Robin Hood Friar Tuck is a Badger. What type of animal was he fist envisioned to be? A Pig 07/02/2001 What was the first Disney Full Length Animated Feature that was based on actual historic events? Pocahontas 07/04/2001 How many acres does Walt Disney World cover? 27,442 07/06/2001 Who is the master of ceremonies at Food Rocks in EPCOT? Fud Wrapper (Pronounced Food Rapper) 07/09/2001 Give the names of 5 Disney Characters whose name refers to the word "Stupid" ? Dopey, Goofy, Dumbo, Lefou, and Dim (From Bugs Life) 07/11/2001 How many Doom Buggies are there in Disneyland's and Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansions? Disneyland: 131 Walt Disney World: 160. Disneyland's 131 Doom Buggies can average approximately 2,000-2,400 guests per hour while Walt Disney World averages 3,200. 07/13/2001 What Disney Character did singer Scatman Crothers provide a voice for? Scat Cat from the Aristocats 07/16/2001 What is the name of the baby elephant featured in the Kilimanjaro Safaris in Animal Kingdom? Little Red 07/18/2001 What type of insect actually providing the inspiration for Jiminy Cricket and where was this insect first featured? A Grasshopper, from the 1934 animated short The Grashopper and the Ants 07/20/2001 What is the name of the parrot from Saludos Amigos? Jose Carioca 07/23/2001 What Full Length Animated Feature did Walt Disney win a special award for screen innovation? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 07/25/2001 Who lives at #17 Cherry Tree Lane? The Banks Family from mary Poppins 07/27/2001 What song is playing as the cars are being loaded and as you begin departure on MGM's "The Great Movie Ride"? Hooray for Hollywood 07/30/2001 Who are the 2 hosts of the renovated Enchanted Tiki Room in Walt Disney World? Zazu and Iago 08/01/2001 In Oliver & Company who sings the opening song "Once upon a Time in New York City"? Huey Lewis and the News 08/03/2001 Which two Countries in Epcot's World Showcase have rides? Mexico and Norway 08/06/2001 By what name is Mickey Mouse known as in Italy? Topolino 08/08/2001 What Muppet runs the projector in the MGM attraction "Muppetvision 3D"? The Swedish Chef 08/10/2001 How many elevators for the Twilight Zone Tower of terror are running at the same time?? 8 08/13/2001 In WDW, according to the Liberty Belle Riverboat, why is the Haunted Mansion haunted? Because it was built on an Indian Burial Ground 08/15/2001 Why is there one unfinshed steeple on Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland? This is because Walt wanted all of his castmembers to see it and remember that Disneyland is never finished. 08/17/2001 How many times did Cinderella loose her slipper? 3 times 1) walking up the stairs with the breakfast trays 2) running out of the ball 3) walking down the church steps at her wedding 08/20/2001 In Toy Story 2, what is the name of the camp that Andy attends? Triple R Ranch 08/22/2001 Who voiced the famous "Ghost Host" at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion as well as Ludwig Von Drake? Paul Frees 08/24/2001 What are the names of Geppetto's two pets in Pinocchio? Figaro and Cleo 08/27/2001 In the Sword in the Stone, what are the names or Sir Hector's two dogs? Tiger and Talbot 08/29/2001 In the Dining Room Scene of Disney's Haunted Mansion, how many candles can be found on the birthday cake that the ghost is blowing out? 13 08/31/2001 In Peter Pan, what part of London are the Darling's from? Bloomsbury 09/04/2001 WHo designed the statue of Walt and Mickey Mouse called "Partners"? Blaine Gibson 09/05/2001 According to a song in Alice in Wonderland, how many un-birthdays does one have each year? 364 09/07/2001 Who is the sponser of WDW's "Goofy's Barnstormer"? Friskies 09/10/2001 What are the 3 stops of the WDW railroad? Frontierland (Which would also be the Adventureland stop), Mickey's Toontown Fair (Also the Tomorrowland stop), and Mainstreet USA. 09/24/2001 What popular comedian/actor used to work at the Magic Shop in Disneyland when he was younger? Steve Martin 09/26/2001 Upon whose shoulders does Dopey stand in order to dance with Snow White? Sneezy 09/28/2001 How many Animatronic presidents are there in the Hall of Presidents (prior to George W. Bush's election)? 42 10/01/2001 In Alice in Wonderland, what 2 items is White Rabbit carrying when he meets Alice? An umbrella and a pocket watch 10/03/2001 What attraction officially opened on Disneyland's 35th birthday? Splash Mountain 10/05/2001 What song, from a Disney film, was considered to be Walt's favorite? "Feed The Birds" From Mary Poppins 10/08/2001 In what year was the first Mickey Mouse watch sold? 1933 10/10/2001 In which theme park is the Haunted Mansion located in Fantasyland? Tokyo DIsneyland 10/12/2001 In cartoons Pluto had an arch-nemesis who is a bulldog. What was this bulldog's name? Butch 10/15/2001 What piece of music accompanied the flamingo sequence of Fantasia/2000? Carnival of the Animals 10/17/2001 Which specific theme park was the first to open a shop devoted to Disney villains? MGM Studios 10/19/2001 What character\'s name was given by the sort of comedy that Mickey and the other Disney characters specialized in? Goofy 10/22/2001 What Disney animator/Imagineer is credited with developing the characters for the Country Bear Jamboree? Marc Davis 10/24/2001 What character was voiced by Matthew Broderick and Jonathan Taylor Thomas? Simba from the Lion King 10/26/2001 Who was the voice of Wiggins in Pocahontas? David Ogden Stiers 10/29/2001 What was Walts First Silly Symphony? The Skeleton Dance 10/31/2001 What is the name of the mayor of the ransacked village in Disney's classic attraction Pirates of the Caribbean? Carlos 11/02/2001 Who provided the original voice of Daisy Duck? Clarence Nash who also provided the original voice of Donald DUck 11/05/2001 Who was the first character to speak words in Disney's first full length feature animation SNow White? The Evils Queen 11/07/2001 What was the first Disney Full Length Feature Animation to have no humans appear on screen i the movie? Bambi 11/09/2001 What full length feature animation was based on a book by T.H. White? Sword in the Stone 11/12/2001 What kind of animals does Pluto find himself caring for in the cartoon Mother Pluto? Chicks 11/14/2001 What is the street address of Al's Toy Barn in Toy Story 2? 1001 West Cutting Blvd. (the same address for Pixar Animation Studios in Richmond, CA) 11/16/2001 What are the names of the three good faries in Sleeping Beauty and what were their colors? Flora (red) Fauna (green) and Merryweather (blue) 11/19/2001 What Disney villain says the line "I am your master now" and what film is it from? Jafar from Aladdin 11/21/2001 What song plays as Lady and Tramp share spagetti meatballs in Lady and the Tramp and which character sings it? Bella Notte sung by Tony 11/23/2001 What was the first roller coaster in a Disney theme park with an inversion (To go upside Down)? Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril at Disneyland Paris, which opened in 1993 11/26/2001 Who were the three animal sidekicks in Pocahontas that did not speak? Meeko, Flit and Percy 11/28/2001 What is Ursula's name when she becomes human in The Little Mermaid? Vanessa 11/30/2001 What is the name of the signal the dogs used to communicate the puppies' danger in 101 Dalmatians? The Twilight Bark 12/03/2001 Who needed to have jam applied to his nose in order to calm down in Alice in Wonderland? The Dormouse 12/05/2001 In Bambi, what name is given to Faline's Mother? Aunt Ena 12/07/2001 What relative of Walt Disney's co-wrote a biography of him in 1956? His daughter Diane 12/10/2001 The Rescuers Down Under" what is the name of the bird from Albetrouse Air? Wilbur 12/12/2001 When Walt Disney was young he had a pet pig. What was this pig's name? Skinny 12/14/2001 What type of Japanese puppetry is used by the Disney Channel show "The Book of Pooh?" Bunraku 12/17/2001 What attraction did Walt Disney donate to his hometown of Marceline, Missouri after its run at Disneyland ended? Midget Autopia 12/19/2001 What Disney film was based on the works of P.L. Travers? Mary Poppins 12/21/2001 In what state did Walt Disney get married? Lewiston, Idaho 12/26/2001 What song was cut from Pocahontas but can be heard over the closing credits? If I never Knew You 12/27/2001 For what cartoon did Pluto win an Academy Award for? Lend a Paw 12/31/2001 What type of animal is Treelo from Bear in the Big Blue House? A Lemur 01/02/2002 What is Eeyore stuffed with? Sawdust 01/04/2002 Where did Walt Disney conceive the idea of the mouse? On a train bound for L.A. from New York 01/07/2002 Fow what film did Walt Disney win his last Academy Award for which was also presented after his death? Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day 01/09/2002 On what Disney attraction can one take "the happiest cruise that ever sailed"? It's a Small World 01/11/2002 In what US city did Walt Disney record the soundtrack for Steamboat Willie? New York 01/16/2002 Where in Walt Disney World can you hear the saying: "Did you remember to turn off those robots" ? Test Track in EPCOT 01/18/2002 What kind of Pets does Stanley from Disney Channel have? A cat, a dog and a fish 01/21/2002 What Disney character is the mascot of the Environment? Jiminy Cricket 01/23/2002 In what year was the first Mickey Mouse Watch made and what company made it? 1933 By Ingersoll 01/25/2002 How tall is the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in MGM Studios in Walt Disney World? 199 feet 01/28/2002 What character in the Winnie the Pooh films was added by Disney and does not appear in the original books? Gopher 01/30/2002 In what Disney song can you hear the lyric "I've heard some corny birds who tried to sing"? Everybody Wants to Be a Cat from the Aristocats 02/01/2002 How many cars are there in each train of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World? 5 02/04/2002 What are the names of the 2 Otters from Bear in the Big Blue House? Pip and Pop 02/06/2002 What was the theme song of the original 1930s Mickey Mouse Clubs? Minnie's Yoo Hoo 02/08/2002 What song was added to the special edition of Beauty and the Beast? Human Again 02/11/2002 What Disney couple stars in the Noah's Ark segment of Fantasia 2000? Donald Duck and Daisy Duck 02/13/2002 In Beauty and the Beast. Where is Belle sitting when one of the sheep takes a bite out of her book?? On the fountain in town 02/15/2002 What was the first Disney feature film Marc Davis worked on? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 02/18/2002 When the financial institutes thought Disneyland was a crazy idea and would not give Walt the money for the project where did he get the financing? He borrowed the money from his personal life insurance policy 02/20/2002 What attraction officially opened on Disneyland's 35th birthday and is also present in Walt Disney World? Splash Mountain 02/22/2002 What is the first attraction to open in Disneyland after first opening in Walt Disney World? Country Bear Jamboree 02/25/2002 What Disney Cartoon features Doctor Frankenollie, a mad scientist? Runaway Brain 02/27/2002 What town is home to the first school named for Walt Disney? Tullytown, Pennsylvania 03/01/2002 After his hallucinations, where does Dumbo wake up the following morning? On top of a tree 03/04/2002 In what Disney Full Length Feature animation can you hear the following line" "You give them inch, they swim all over you" ? The LIttle Mermaid 03/06/2002 What character from Beauty and The Beast helps Belle and her father escape being locked in the basement? Chip with the help of Maurice's invention 03/08/2002 What actor was originally supposed to provide the voice of Hades from Hercules before James Woods? Jack Nicholson 03/11/2002 In the early days, what item did Walt Disney sell in order to purchase a one-way ticket to Hollywood from Kansas City? His Camera 03/13/2002 In Disney's Haunted Mansion, what do the ghosts assemble for in the Grand Ballroom? A Swinging Wake 03/15/2002 How many gallons of water are pumped into the air every minute for the Fantasmic show? To create a surface on which animation can be projected, water screens pump approximately 2,400 gallons of water into the air every minute 03/18/2002 What Disney character wears a cooking pot for a hat? Jonny Appleseed 03/20/2002 What US State has their state song sung to the tune of Baby Mine from Dumbo? Illinois 03/22/2002 Outside fo the EPCOT pavillion Wonders of Life there is a large tower representing human DNA. How many times larger is this than an actual human DNA? 5 Billion times the size 03/25/2002 Whop provides the voice of Jessica in Roger Rabbit? Kathleen Turner 03/27/2002 What medal did President Lyndon B Johnson present to Walt Disney? The Presidential Medal of Freedom 03/29/2002 What is the name of the python in Honey, I Shrunk the Audience? Gigabyte 04/01/2002 What is the name of the 100 year old Alligator in the Jungle Cruise attraction? Old Smiley 04/03/2002 In what country does Beauty & the Beast take place? France 04/05/2002 What was the first animated cartoon in full technicolor? Flowers and Trees 04/08/2002 In the movie Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, how old is Snow White? 16 04/10/2002 Verna Felton was the voice of a character in 5 Disney Films. What were the films and the characters? Dumbo...Matriarch (Elephant), Cinderella...Fairy Godmother, Alice in Wonderland...Queen of Hearts, Lady and the Tramp...Aunt Sarah, Sleeping Beauty...Flora 04/12/2002 In the Disney Channel show Stanley, what is the name of Stanley's Book? The Great Big Book of Everything 04/15/2002 Where in Walt Disney World can you find Mayday Falls? Typhoon Lagoon 04/17/2002 What does Disney consider the date for Donald Duck's Birthday and why? June 9,1934 because it is the date of his first appearance in a movie, The Wise Little Hen 04/19/2002 In 1999 Disney had 2 songs from 2 different films nominated for Academy Awards (Toy Story 2 When She Loved Me and Tarzan You'll Be In My Heart.) What was the last year Disney accomplished this feat and the films that were nominated? The year was 1977. The films were the Rescuers for Someone's Waiting For You and Pete's Dragon for Candle on the Water. 04/22/2002 At Disneyland Paris, the park?s famous Sleeping Beauty Castle is known by what name? Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant 04/23/2002 The Walt Disney Company releases films under five different labels. What are they? Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Mirmax and Demension Films 04/24/2002 In the Aristocats, what is the name of the concoction that Edgar makes to drug the Cats? Creme de la Creme a la Edgar 04/25/2002 What are the names of Mickey Mouse's 2 nephews? Mortie and Ferdie 04/26/2002 In Disney Channel's show Stanley, what is Stanley's mother's occupation? A Dentist 04/29/2002 How old was Walt Disney when Disneyland opened? 53 04/30/2002 Where in Walt Disney World can you find Wiseacre Farm? Mickey's Toontown Fair 05/01/2002 What boyhood town and state gave Walt Disney the original inspiration for Main Street, USA? Marceline, Missouri 05/02/2002 What actor provides the voice for spaceship earth in Epcot? Jeremy Irons 05/08/2002 How many people visited Walt Disney World during its opening year? Only 10,000 but that number soon grew to an average of 10,000 people an hour 05/09/2002 What Disney Character comic book was almost banned in Finland because the character doesn't wear pants? Donald Duck 05/10/2002 What movie did Walt Disney have dubbed in 7 different languages costing him an extra $65,000 but lost a major amount of the money because of WWII and the European Market having trouble because of the war? Pinocchio 05/13/2002 What was Walt Disney's family dog named and what kind of dog was she? Lady and she was a poddle 05/14/2002 What town is the setting for the movie Love Bug? San Francisco 05/15/2002 In the Movie, "The Apple Dumpling Gang", Who played the two crooks Theodore and Amos? Theodore was Don Knotts, Amos was Tim Conway 05/16/2002 In Pinocchio, what does Jiminy Cricket use for his bed in Gepetto's Workshop? A matchbox 05/17/2002 Who supplies the voice of the Uncle in the original Carousel of Progress? Mel Blanc 05/20/2002 How did Mary Poppins "Measure Up?" Mary Poppins, Practically Perfect in Every Way. 05/21/2002 What is the difference between the logs on Splash Mountain at Disneyland and Walt Disney World? Disneyland's have inline seating. Walt Disney World has side-by-side seating. 05/03/2002 By what name is Mickey Mouse known as in Italy? Topolino 05/06/2002 In Song of the South, Brer Rabbit tells Brer Fox and Bear "Everybody's got a laughing place." Where does he lead them? He leads them to to Beehive, making them believe the Laughing place is just beyond it. 05/07/2002 Who provided the vice of Jane Porter in Tarzan? Minnie Driver 05/22/2002 How many paintings are there on the walls in the haunted mansion stretching room? 4 05/23/2002 What are the names of the cruisers that service the Wilderness Lodge and the fort Wilderness Camp Grounds at Walt Disney World? The Mermaid I, Castaways, and the Bon Voyage 05/24/2002 In what Disney Short did Minnie Mouse appear only iby a picture of her n a newspaper? The Dognapper 05/27/2002 What Disney Character from a full length animated feature was inspired by one of the animator's sister? Jasmine from Aladdin 05/28/2002 What is the 4th floor of the Contemporary Hotel in Walt Disney World called? The Grand Canyon Concourse 05/29/2002 What is the name of the baby elephant in Animal Kingdom's Safari in Walt Disney World? Little Red 05/30/2002 What is the name of the Disney Short where Donald Duck becomes the adoptive father of a kangaroo? Daddy Duck 05/31/2002 What was the fourth Disney theme park to open in the world? Tokyo Disneyland 06/03/2002 What Walt Disney Resort has a Pepper Market? Coronado Springs 06/04/2002 What cowboy singer narrated over 80 Disney films? Rex Allen 06/05/2002 What was the date that Mickey Mouse recieved his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ? November 3, 1978 06/06/2002 What name does Dumbo's mother give to him when he is born? JUmbo Jr 06/07/2002 What is the name of the lead horse on Disneyland's Carousel? Jingles 06/10/2002 What are the names of the female bears in the Country Bear Jamboree? Trixie, Bunny, Bubbles, Beulah, and Teddi Barra 06/11/2002 Who wrote the book that the Little Mermaid is based on? Hans Christian Anderson 06/12/2002 What is the name of the cartoon that Pluto appeared as Minnie's dog named Rover? The Picnic 06/13/2002 What is the hat size of the earful tower in MGM studios? 342 3/8 06/14/2002 In Aladdin, what does Jasmine steal from the Marketplace? An Apple 06/17/2002 Currently, what is the tallest structure at WDW? The Mickey Wand at Epcot --- 201 feet tall 06/18/2002 How tall is the Earful Tower in MGM? 130 Feet 06/19/2002 What Disney On-site Resort hotel currently holds the largest amount of rooms? The Port Orleans with 3,056 Rooms (It use to be the Caribbean Beach) 06/20/2002 In Lady and the Tramp, what do the dogs in the pound call lady? Miss Park Avenue 06/21/2002 What is the name of Merlin's Owl in the Sword In The Stone? Archimedes 06/24/2002 What is Peter Pan searching for in the begining of the movie? His Shadow 06/25/2002 Who is the head of the lunatic asylum in Beauty & the Beast? Monsieur D'Arque 06/26/2002 What Disney film features a character named Ginny Favers? Song of the South 06/27/2002 What character in Disney's Haunted Mansion was originally planned to be the narrator? The raven 06/28/2002 What is the name of the new singing sensation to appear in their own show on Playhouse Disney and what color is represented by each member of the group? The Wiggles with the colors: Yellow, Red, Blue and Purple 07/01/2002 Which one of the mice does Cinderella save from the mousetrap? Gus 07/02/2002 In Aladdin, what does the Genie say he would wish for if anyone gave him the chance? Freedom 07/03/2002 What is the name of the amphitheater at the America pavilion in Epcot? America Gardens 07/04/2002 How many dwarfs does Snow White kiss on the lips before sending them off to the mine? 0 Although Dopey did try 07/05/2002 Why couldn't Cinderella go to the ball in the gown that the mice and birds made for her? Because her stepsisters tore it apart 07/10/2002 Where did Walt Disney get the idea for the animated feature Dumbo? On the back of a cereal box 07/11/2002 What is the name of Walt Disney's oldest daughter? Diane 07/12/2002 What is the name of the architectural trick used by Disney designers to make the buildings appear taller than they really are? Forced Perspective 07/15/2002 What Winnie the Pooh character was not found in the original story books but was added to the movie "Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree"? Gopher 07/16/2002 Who wrote the so mhtmnlmu. Roadster-Cartierngs for Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Monsters Inc.? Randy Newman 07/17/2002 How many times has a WDW theme park or in fact the entire resort been closed to the public since it first opened in 1971? 3 times. Once resort wide in September 1999 for Hurricane Floyd; resort wide on September 11th, 2001 due to the terror attacks on America; and Epcot only on July 17th, 2002 due to a power outage. 07/18/2002 Who is the current president of Walt Disney World? Al Weiss 07/22/2002 In Disney's "Alice in Wonderland," where does Alice encounter the umbrella birds? Tugley Wood 07/23/2002 What Oscar Winner from "Gone With the Wind" was also in Disney's "Song of the South"? Hattie McDaniel 07/24/2002 What 2 Disney characters sing the "Momma Don't Whoop Little Buford" song? Wendell and Henry from the Country Bear Jamboree 07/25/2002 In what song can you hear the lyric "Where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face"? Arabian Nights from Aladdin 07/26/2002 On what mountain was Hercules born? Mount Olympus 07/29/2002 Walt Disney had a total of 3 brothers and 1 sister. What are their names? Brothers Roy, Herbert and Raymond, and a sister Ruth 07/30/2002 What is the name of the lead horse on Disneyland's Carousel? Jingles 07/31/2002 What is Donald Duck's middle name? Fauntleroy 08/01/2002 2 of Walt Disney World's monorails were refurbished and taken somewhere else to be in use (Non Disney). Where are they? Bally's Casino in Las Vegas 08/02/2002 Where in Walt Disney World can you hear this line: "Chris, can you grab my black Les Paul?" Rock N Roller Coaster in MGM Studios 08/05/2002 Which Disney live-action movie featured the song "I'll Always Be Irish"? The Happiest Millionaire 08/06/2002 By what 2 names was Mickeys Toontown previously referred to as? It has been known as Mickey's Birthdayland and Mickey's Starland. 08/07/2002 The organ in Disneyland's Haunted Mansion was orginially used in another attraction, which one? 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea 08/08/2002 How old is Mogli when he taken back to the man village in The Jungle Book? 10 08/09/2002 In 1988, magician Doug Henning was a consultant for the creation of which Walt Disney World "attraction"? The Adventurer's Club in Pleasure Island 08/12/2002 What was the name of Walt Disney's family dog and what kind of dog was she? Lady. she was a podle 08/13/2002 What is significant about the Star Tours Attraction? It was the first simulator at a Disney Park 08/15/2002 What is the name of the horse in the Aristocats? Froo Froo 08/16/2002 In what Disney Attraction can you hear the following line: "Dream A Fantastic Dream?" Fantasmic 08/19/2002 What is the name of the fairground organ found at the Grand Flordian in Walt Disney World? Big Bertha 08/20/2002 What golfer won Walt Disney World's first professional golf tournament? Jack Nicklaus 08/21/2002 After Walt Disney moved to California he made a movie for a Kansas City Dentist, what was the movie called? Clara Cleans Her Teeth 08/22/2002 By what name is Wilby Daniels more commonly known? The Shaggy Dog or the Shaggy D.A. 08/23/2002 In what country did Alice in Wonderland have its premiere? England 08/26/2002 What Disney movie premiered at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA on November 12, 1946? Song of the South 08/27/2002 What character in Mulan always has a black eye? Yao 08/28/2002 What is the name of Piglet's grandfather and by what name did Piglets Grandmother refer to him as? Trespassers William but Piglets Grandmother called him TW 08/29/2002 Who is seen shaking hands at the end of the Sorcerer's Apprenctice sequence in Fantasia? Mickey Mouse and Leopold Stokowski 08/30/2002 What is the name of the Multi-Headed creature that Hercules fights? The Hydra 09/02/2002 When fighting Hercules, how many heads does the Hydra ultimately end up having? 30 09/03/2002 What type of tree is the Swiss Family Treehouse intended to be? Banyan 09/04/2002 When Grandmother Fa gives Mulan an apple, what does it represent? Serenity 09/05/2002 In Mary Poppins, what happens to Mr. Banks just before he sings the song: "A Man Has Dreams"? He gets fired from his job at the bank 09/06/2002 What Disney song starts with the line: "I know that your powers of retention are as wet as a warthog's backside?" "Be Prepared" from the Lion King 09/09/2002 In which city did the Disney Animated Feature The Three Caballeros premiere in? Mexico City 09/10/2002 In what Disney Animated Feature does Donny Osmond perform a song and which song is it? "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan 09/11/2002 On what night of the week did the Disneyland Park television series first air on ABC? Wednesday 09/12/2002 How many honey pots did Pooh "rescue" from the flood during the blustery day? 10 09/13/2002 Who was the first member of the Disney Fab Five to have an appearance in a Full Length Animated Feature and what was the feature? Mickey Mouse, in Fantasia 09/16/2002 How big is the Walt Disney World Property in relation to the Island of Manhattan in New York City? Walt Disney World is twice the size of Manhattan with a total of approximately 46 square miles. 09/17/2002 What two Disney animated features have a character named Nutsy in them? Lady and the Tramp (a dog in the pound) & Robin Hood (a vulture guard) 09/18/2002 In what Dinsey Animated Feature can you hear the line: "Beef, Pork, Chicken mmmmmmmm" and what character says it? Mulan; Chien-Po 09/19/2002 Where in Walt Disney World can you hear the following line?: "Phoenician merchants established the earliest commerical highways trading goods and information at distant ports of call" Spaceship Earth 09/20/2002 Who wrote the songs for Disney's Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Monsters Inc.? Randy Newman 09/23/2002 According to Disney how many spots were painted on the dogs in the original 101 Dalmations? 6,469,952 09/24/2002 On what box of cereal did Mickey Mouse make his debut on and in what year? Post cereal Toasties corn flakes back in 1935 09/25/2002 In Peter Pan, what is Wendy's full name? Wendy Moira Angela Darling 09/26/2002 The following actors were used as an inspiration for a Disney Full Length Feature Animation Character. Tom Cruise, Michael J Fox, and M.C. Hammer. Which character was it? Aladdin 09/27/2002 During what song in Cinderella do the mice and birds make a dress? The Work Song 09/30/2002 In Disney's Flubber what is the name of the professor's robot sidekick? Weebo 10/01/2002 Of Course the Notre Dame Cathedral is featured in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. What other full length animated feature is the cathedral shown in? The Aristocats 10/02/2002 What character did DIsney add to their adaptation of Lewis and Carroll's Alice in Wonderland? The Talking Doorknob 10/03/2002 What animated picture was called by some Disney Critics "Disney's Folly" before it was released? Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs 10/04/2002 What Disney Villain lived in "Hell Hall"? Cruella De Vil 10/15/2002 What is the name of Merlin?s wise owl companion in The Sword in the Stone? Archimedes 10/17/2002 At what Disney Park can you find Le Ch?teau de la Belle au Bois Dormant and what is it? It is Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Disneyland Paris 10/18/2002 In Mulan before Mushu comes to life, what type of object is he? An incense burner 10/21/2002 When the Magic Kingdom first opened, what was the cost of a 7 Ride Coupon? $4.75 10/22/2002 In Disney's Flubber, what automobile manufacturer does Professor Brainard offer his new invention to? Ford 10/23/2002 In Beauty & The Beast, what area of the castle can the enchanted rose be found? The West Wing 10/24/2002 In The Rescuers, what was Penny sent into the pirates cave to retrieve? The Devil's Eye 10/25/2002 What was the name of the owl in Fox and the Hound? Big Mama 10/28/2002 What was Disney's first live action film that had no animation? Treasure Island 10/29/2002 In what year did Disney Patent the People Mover? September 1969 10/30/2002 What does the Evil Emperor Zurg try to steal to complete his ultimate weapon of destruction in Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin? Batteries 10/31/2002 In the animated feature 101 dalmations, what is the name of the puppies' canine television superhero? Thunderbolt 11/01/2002 For providing the voice in Aladdin, what else did Robin Williams request besides money for a salary? A Picasso Painting 11/04/2002 What 3 main characters in Lion King sing the song: "I Can't Wait To Be King"? Nala, SImba and Zazu 11/05/2002 A Story of Dogs was a behind-the-scenes television show about the making of what Disney Full Length Animated Feature? Lady and the Tramp 11/06/2002 What was the name of Walt's daughter who played a small part in his film, 'Johnny Tremain'? Sharon 11/07/2002 The animated feature Beauty & the Beast was dedicated to a certain individual. Who was it dedicated to and how is the dedication worded? Lyricist Howard Ashman; "To our friend, Howard, who gave a mermaid her voice and a beast his soul, we will be forever grateful" 11/08/2002 What Disney song begins with the words: "Once a lonely caterpillar sat and cried to a sympathetic beetle by his side"? The Ugly Bug Ball from Summer Magic 11/11/2002 How many screens are needed to make a circle vision movie theater? Nine 11/12/2002 What 2 colors make up the Queen of Hearts' dress in Alice in Wonderland? Red and Black 11/13/2002 What was Daidy Duck's original name? Donna Duck 11/14/2002 Who is the leader of the wolf pack in the Jungle Book? Akela 11/15/2002 At what park does the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad start out by going under a river? Disneyland Paris 11/18/2002 In Muppetvision 3D who organizes the finale and what is the finale called? Sam Eagle, "A Salute to All Nations but Mostly America." 11/19/2002 What song in Pocahontas does Governor Ratcliffe sing? Mine, Mine, Mine 11/20/2002 In what Disney Full Length animated feature can you find a character named "The Matchmaker"? Mulan 11/21/2002 In what city does the Aristocats take place? Paris 11/22/2002 What popular animated series owned by Disney includes the categories Multiplication Rock, American Rock, Grammar Rock and Money Rock? Schoolhouse Rock 11/25/2002 In Beauty & the Beast what are the 3 women called that are in love with Gaston? The Bimbettes 11/26/2002 Minnie Mouse's name is the Scottish variation of what female name? Mary 11/27/2002 What is the name of the emergency response decontamination team in Monsters Inc.? C.D.A. Child Detection Agency 11/28/2002 What 2 characters in Hunchback of Notre Dame sing the song "Out There"? Quasimodo and Frollo 11/29/2002 What company sponsored Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room from 1964-1973? United Airlines 12/02/2002 What is the name of the underwater research laboratory at the Living Seas in EPCOT? Sea Base Alpha 12/03/2002 What is the numeric code for a contamination emergency in Monsters Inc? 2319 12/04/2002 What town and state did Walt Marry Lillian? Lewiston, Idaho 12/05/2002 Which Disney Resort was used in the Beach Boys music video for the song Kokomo? The Grand Floridian 12/06/2002 After saving his daughter what title does the Indian Chief bestow upon Peter Pan? Little Flying Eagle 12/09/2002 What Disney theme park once had the Frontierland Attraction \"Mine Train Through Nature\'s Wonderland\"? Disneyland 12/10/2002 What is the name of Blizzard Beach's mascot? Ice Gator 12/11/2002 What Disney full length animated feature starts and ends at Christmas time? Lady & the Tramp 12/12/2002 In Mickey and the Beanstalk what does mickey trade for the magic beans? A Cow 12/13/2002 What was the first film in motion picture history to have a record album made from the movie soundtrack? SNow White & the Seven Dwarfs 12/16/2002 What are the names of 4 Disney Full Length Animated Features with a number in the title off the movie? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Three Caballeros, 101 Dalmations, and Fanatasia 2000 12/17/2002 What actor played the same part in both the animated version and the broadway version of Beauty & the Beast? David Ogden Stiers as the Narrator 12/18/2002 In Monsters Inc. what is Sulley's full name (including his middle initial)? James P. Sullivan 12/19/2002 What is the nick name given to the characters of Yao, Ling, and Chien Po from Mulan? The Gang of Three 12/23/2002 In Disney's Hercules, how many eyeballs do the the three fates share? One 12/24/2002 What year the the candlelight processional first appear at Disneyland? And...When did it first appear at EPCOT in Walt Disney World? 1958 in Disneyland and 1994 in EPCOT 12/25/2002 Who designed the Mickey Mouse Club Ears? Roy WIlliams 12/26/2002 What name was Disneyland Paris first referred to as when it opened in 1992? Euro Disneyland 12/27/2002 What are the names of 2 songs from Mary Poppins that are sung on rooftops? "Chim-Chim-Cher-ee" and "Step in Time" 12/30/2002 What Disney Character transformed himself into likenesses of Jack Nicholson, Carol Channing, and Groucho Marx? The Genie from Aladdin 12/31/2002 What is the name of Wendy's daughter in Return to Neverland? Jane 01/01/2003 What is the name of the chef in The Little Mermaid? Louie 01/02/2003 Where in Walt Disney World have you heard this line: Hey, check it out dad, Grandma's up to 975 points"? Carousel of Progress 01/03/2003 In Bedknobs and Broomsticks, What is the name of the spell that Eglantine is searching for? Substitutiary Locomotion 01/06/2003 In 1998 which Disney Full Length Animated Feature was depicted on a US Postage Stamp? The Jungle Book 01/07/2003 After Mickey Mouse made his Color Debut in The Band Concert he was in 2 black and white cartoons, what were they named? Mickey?s Service Station and Mickey?s Kangaroo 01/08/2003 How many Disney Full Length Animated Features have the word music in the title? One (Make Mine Music) 01/09/2003 How many years (to the exact day) did Pirates of the Caribbean open in Walt Disney World after Walt's death? 7 01/10/2003 When "America Sings" in Disneyland's tomorrowland closed in 1988, what ride were most of it's audio-animatronics relocated to before its premiere the following year? Splash Mountain 01/13/2003 How many of the seven dwarf's names do not end with the letter Y? 2 Doc and Bashful 01/14/2003 In 101 Dalmations, How many puppies did Pongo and Perdita have before adopting the rest? 15 01/15/2003 What is Lilo's last name from Lilo and Stitch? Pelekai 01/16/2003 The first motion picture created exclusively for The Disney Channel told the story of an aging baseball star who leads his team to the championship. What was the film's title? Tiger Town 01/17/2003 What land does Disneyland Paris have instead of a Tomorrowland? Discoveryland 01/20/2003 When Bambi and his friends walk across some ice, what name do they refer to it as? Stiff Water 01/21/2003 In Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs where does Dopey put the key to the diamond mine after locking it up at the end of the day? On a Peg outside the door 01/22/2003 What is the name of the owner of the cats in Aristocats? Madame Bonfamille 01/23/2003 In Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World there is a village called Harambi, what does Harambi mean in the Swahili language? Coming Together 01/24/2003 In Disney's "That Darn Cat" what is the cat's name? DC or Darn Cat is OK also 01/27/2003 What is the ending of this lyric from a song from The Little Mermaid? The seaweed is always greener, in somebody else's __________ Lake 01/28/2003 Which of the seven dwarfs has the longest beard? Sleepy 01/29/2003 Which dwarf has the longest nose? Grumpy 01/30/2003 Which dwarf has the biggest belly? Happy 01/31/2003 According to the song "Heigh Ho", what else do the dwarfs dig for besides diamonds? Rubies 02/03/2003 In Treasure Planet what song does B.E.N. sing as he sets out to disable the laser cannon? Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) 02/04/2003 What is the name of Mulan's dog? Little Brother 02/05/2003 What academy award winning actor narrated Hercules? Charlton Heston 02/06/2003 What actor originally played the role of Maurice in the Broadway version of Beauty & the Beast? Tom Bosley 02/07/2003 When Hercules is a baby on Mount Olympus, what does he use as a crib to sleep in? A cloud 02/10/2003 When Jane first meets the monkeys in Tarzan, what do they take from her? A Red Umbrella 02/11/2003 What is the name of the record company at Disney MGM's Rock N Roller Coaster attraction? G Force Records 02/12/2003 By what nickname does Simba refer to Zazu as in The Lion King and what does Zazu say the name should really be? Banana Beak but Zazu says it should be Mr. Banana Beak 02/13/2003 According to the film Hunchback of Notre Dame, what day of the year serves as "Topsy - Turvy Day"? January 6 02/14/2003 When Urulas takes Ariel's voice in the Little Mermaid where does she put it for safekeeping? In a sea shell which hangs around her neck 02/17/2003 Where are Aladdin and Jasmine when they first exchange a kiss? He is on the Magic Carpet while she is on her balcony 02/18/2003 What Disney animator created Jiminy Cricket? Ward Kimball 02/19/2003 What is the name of Pocahontas's best friend in her Indian Tribe? Nakoma 02/20/2003 What is the name of the made for video movie that is based on Disney's full length animated feature Hercules? Hercules: Zero to Hero 02/21/2003 What is the name of the test that Disney Animators use to photograph each frame of animation and clean up each scene in order to assure that the timeness and smoothness is just right? A Pencil Test 02/25/2003 What is the name of the river in Walt Disney World that flows by the Port Orleans Riverside and Frech Quarter Resort? The Sassagoula River 02/26/2003 Who is the only actor to have starred in at least one Disney movie each decade since the 1960's? Kurt Russell 02/27/2003 What is the name of the piece of music that accompanies the Noah's Ark Segment of Fantasia 2000? Pomp and Circumstance 02/28/2003 That was the name of the sequel to the Disney Film The Misadventures of Merlin Jones? The Monkey's Uncle 03/03/2003 What is unique about the gloves that Cruella De Vil wears in 10
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