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  • Marker - Baron 13 EPF Ski Binding - Black/White/Silver

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  • Marker - Baron 13 EPF Ski Binding - Black/White/Silver

Marker Baron 13 EPF Ski Binding


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    • Black/White/Silver, L/110mm
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    When you gotta get up to get down.

    Combine the reliability and power of a 13-DIN alpine binding with the free-heel freedom of an AT binding, and you have the Marker Baron 13 EPF Ski Binding. Built on Marker's Extended Power Frame, the Baron sits on a wide chassis, giving it the ability to drive wide, big mountain boards with authority. To keep them manageable on the ascent, the Barons feature Marker's Hollow Tech frame, which is a gas-injected hollow construction that is light, powerful, and dependable whether you're spinning laps in the resort, or accessing big backcountry lines. The Backcountry Technology allows the binding to be converted from ski to walk mode with the quick flick of a switch, while a three-position climbing aid lets you adjust the heel lifter between three positions to get the right angle for the slope you're climbing.

    • 4-13 DIN
    • Power Width Design
    • Hollow Tech frame
    • Gliding AFD plate
    • Inter Pivot Heel
    • Extended Power Frame
    • Backcountry Technology walk mode
    • Three-position climbing aid
    • Item #MRK000X
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    Marker Baron 13 EPF Ski Binding

    • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    I got the Black/White/Silver, L/110mm and I was gunna mount them on my DPS Wailer 112RP Tour 1's, however I opted to return them, and swap them out for the kingpin to cut down on weight and try and crush the uphill on tours.

    So I only got initial impressions of them, but I did order a second pair after receiving my first, they were awesome, looked burly and high performing for the downhill, definitely was gunna be a sturdy, elastic binding, that would handle drops and gnarly terrain with grace.
    I was stoked on them.
    I found this youtube video that has some helpful info on them, feel free to copy and paste the url, and give it a watch, if your interested. By no means am I trying to claim this video as my own, just thought it was a well made video. Video made by Basin Sports out of Killington, VT.

    Ideal for a ski set-up that does it all!

    • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    As a newbie to the touring scene, I wanted an AT binding that would let me continue charging the hills in-bounds, but also let me explore the backcountry when the resort got boring. These do just that! These frame bindings are a heavier option in the world of AT bindings, but I paired them with a lighter ski and haven't been bothered by the weight. If you're someone who primarily skis in-bounds, but wants the option of touring, look no further than the Barons!

    Great product

      Killer bindings. For a binding that gives you the option of skinning, there is little compromise on the downhill.

      Furthermore, Marker/Volkl customer service is top notch.

      Thoroughly enjoy these.

      Solid all around

      • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

      I picked these up for a loved one and here is what she had to say about her first AT binding.

      "I’ve only skied the Barons a few times, but initial impressions are A+. They are a lightweight, durable binding that holds up on the downhill and isn’t a total pain to transition back to the uphill for seconds. They’re a hefty binding to be sure, but at only a few ounces they’re absolutely light enough to handle a full day of backcountry excursions without killing you legs or 900 thousand laps in bounds without yanking your feet right off the lift.

      They’re a lightweight and powerful binding that really lets the ski do it’s thing. I mounted mine on the Atomic 109s and it felt like I had reunited a pair of old, good friends. Good bindings, good price, good fun."

      BSL and Weights

      Here is the Boot Sole Length (BSL) and specific weights for the Small and Large Marker Barons.

      BSL and Weights
      Unanswered Question

      Hello, I have super 7's (116mm) will I be able to fit these after slight bending of the brakes?

      Unanswered Question

      Can you use these with a vibram-soled boot or do you need to have a DIN adapter on the boot?

      My son is looking to start doing some uphill travel. I have some teles, and am not too familiar with AT equipment. Would he be able to use this binding with his current alpine boots? He won't be doing a ton of uphill, so avoiding a new pair of boots at least until he sees how he likes it seems like a good option. Current skis have 100mm waist, so think the 110 brake would fit.


      Hey Patrick,

      These will work with alpine boots, though a boot with a walk mode is definitely recommended for the touring aspect of it. It will give a great range of motion and will make touring easier and more comfortable for him.

      If the current skis are 100mm underfoot, the 110mm brake would work great for him.

      Feel free to give a shout via email or phone (extension is 4736) and I'd love to help you!

      I am new to Backcountry skiing and plan to start small, so I am looking for an economical and safe set up to start out with. I have a pair of Dynastar Cham 87 that I am trying to fit with bindings. Would this binding work with my ski width? I had looked at an ?Earlier? version that looked to be too wide. I have also looked at the Solomon Guardian, but heard they might not work well with all boot types. I have a pair of Black Diamond Swift boots. Any suggestions? Oh and the ski length is 159cm.


      Hi Jodi,

      First of all the brake width on these bindings is going to be a little wide for those skis that you have. Second, the boot that you have is a touring boot so I would recommend getting a full on AT binding as the DIN setting on these frame bindings is pretty much unreliable with an AT boot in them due to the rockered sole and the rugged outsole.

      If you have any other questions, let me know.


      Unanswered Question

      I've got a broken AFD on my set of bindings and the AFD plate itself is missing, would I be able to buy a new one?


      I would like to ask you, are the Marker Baron bindings a good combo with the Volkl Two 2014/15 196cm and with the Nordica Hell & Back Hike Pro boots 295.

      I am a returning Advanced Skier from Snowboarding. I'm 6.4" and 210lbs.

      Thank You

      Best Answer

      Hey Martin,

      This would be a great setup for someone that is skiing inbounds 80% of the year and out-of-bounds 20% or a few times a years. I am shooting you an email so that you have my contact info. Tell me more about what you are wanting to do with the setup.

      Eric Watford-Expert Gearhead

      Unanswered Question

      Will this binding work with 175 Armada VJJ?

      I'm looking at a pair of 2013 K2 Hell Bent skis, would these bindings and brakes fit the extremely wide ski?

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      Luporsi, E., Andre, F., Spyratos, F. et al. Ki-67: level of evidence and methodological considerations for its role in the clinical management of breast cancer: analytical and critical review. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 2012. 132(3):895-915.

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