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Microsoft Hit By U.S. DOT Ban On Windows Vista, Explorer 7, and Office 2007
Tens of thousands of federal workers are prohibited from upgrading to the latest versions, according to memos seen by InformationWeek.

Computer Talk: Vista: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Vista is Microsofts newest operating system, which eventually is going to take the place of Windows XP. Released January 30th to mixed reviews and luke-warm sales, Windows Vista is at its infancy. So I decided to kick-the-tires on the latest from Microsoft.

DOT Bans Vista Upgrades
CIO cites cost and compatibility issues.

Smith Micros Consumer Group Enters Into Exclusive Publishing Deal With KMT Software, Inc.
Smith Micro Software, Inc. Consumer Group today announced it has signed an exclusive publishing agreement with KMT Software, Inc., a leading supplier of high-quality content for Microsoft Office and other desktop applications.

Sony adds Windows Vista to its ultraportable VAIO TXN17, which doesnt change much otherwise from its XP-based precursor. With a gorgeous design, excellent battery life, and wireless broadband, it remains one of the best ultraportables on the market for business travelers.

Upgrading to Windows Vista – The Great Migration
Will Microsofts launch of Vista be known as the Year of the Upgrade or simply Excedrin Headache Number 2007? Thats a concern for many small business owners as they weigh the pros and cons of moving to Vista.

Is Symantecs Vista Security Assessment Credible?
For years, security software vendors have made a fat living off Microsofts mistakes. Security vulnerabilities—and the fear of them—have kept some software developers in the money. So, is it any wonder that Symantec is tearing into Vista security?...

How Ultimate Is This?
Windows Vista Ultimate is Microsofts operating system with all the whiz and bang for all users. But there is something important missing after all: extended life cycle support....

Extensis Ships Suitcase
PORTLAND, Ore.----Extensis, a division of Celartem, Inc., today shipped Suitcase for Windows: Professional Font Management for both workgroups and single-users running Windows Vista, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

CARLSTADT, N.J.----Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, today introduced hueyPRO, a new member to its award-winning huey family of display calibration products. hueyPRO is designed for photographers and creative professionals to improve color clarity and consistency across multiple CRT, laptop and LCD displays.


grande bang di serie della vigilanza

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