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        longines watches for sale

        tag ure
        longines watches uk
        الساعات أوميغا ريبليكا
        أوميغا ديفيل السعر

        Longines & Wempe

        Longines is one of the oldest Swiss watch brands.

        New from Basel Longines
        Heritage New from Basel Longines
        The Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch New from Basel Longines
        Sport Tradition, technical expertise, and elegance are the basic values of Longines.

        At Longines headquarters in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, all of the watches the company has made since it was founded in 1832 are recorded in heavy ledgers. A glance at these ledgers shows that from an early point in its history, Longines was exporting its precise and elegant timepieces all over the world. Today, Longines draws inspiration again and again from its historic models and combines classic design with state-of-the-art technology. In 1925 Wempe received the exclusive license to offer Longines watches to its customers in Hamburg.

        Founded in: 1832 At Wempe since: 1925 Headquarters: Saint-Imier, Switzerland Website: New from Basel Longines
        Watchmaking Tradition Watches Longines
        Elegance Watches Longines
        Equestrian Our brand portfolio All branches Beijing Berlin, Friedrichstrasse Berlin, Kurfürstendamm Berlin, Rolex Boutique Bremen Cologne Dortmund Dresden Düsseldorf Frankfurt, Airport Frankfurt, An der Hauptwache Frankfurt, Goethestrasse Frankfurt, Jaeger-LeCoultre Boutique Hamburg, Jungfernstieg Hamburg, Mönckebergstrasse Hamburg, Patek Phillipe Boutique Hanover Leipzig London Madrid Mannheim MS-Europa MS-Europa 2 Munich, A. Lange und Soehne Boutique Munich, Maximilianstrasse Munich, Weinstrasse New York, 5th Street New York, Rolex Boutique Nuremberg Paris Stuttgart Sylt-Kampen Vienna The art of watchmaking in perfection

        Trusting partnerships have linked us for decades with the world’s most renowned watch manufacturers.

        Kim-Eva Wempe career Publications Newsletter Imprint Data privacy statement Contact Terms of Use

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        Longines Watches

        Longinesa Watch #DLVS03

        Longines: At A Glance

        Founded in 1832 in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, Longines is a top-performing name in luxury watches.

        In the 185 years since, Longines has remained strongly dedicated to creating sophisticated timepieces that reflect tradition, elegance and high-performance.

        With a winged hourglass logo that has never been modified, Longines watch-making company is the oldest valid trademark still in use in its original form from the World Intellectual Property Organization.

        In 1983, Longines became part of the Swatch Group.

        About Longines

        In 1832, Auguste Agassiz entered the world of watchmaking after joining a trading office in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. A short time later, his company took the name Agassiz & Co. During this period, it was common for watchmakers to work at home, and later provide their final product to the trading offices. Agassiz worked hard to build a network of commercial contacts, which resulted in an expansion of international business in 1852. As business grew, so did the Agassiz's team. Also in 1852, his nephew, Ernest Francillion, joined the growing company. It was Francillion's thought to bring all stages of watchmaking together under one roof. Acting on his idea, in 1866, he purchased two pieces of adjoining land near the Saint-Imier valley locally known as Les Longines. Francillion embraced the name, and the first Longines factory was built in 1867.

        Since then, the brand has risen to fame as one of the world's leading watch manufacturers. With strong ties to equestrian sports, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, Alpine skiing and tennis, Longines continues to be a major participant in several modern sporting events.

        1. Longines Conquest Women's 34mm Stainless Steel Watch

          Longines Conquest Women's 34mm Stainless Steel Watch

          Our Price: EUR 764.58

        2. Longines Conquest Women's 34mm Stainless Steel Watch With .45 ct. t.w. Diamonds

          Longines Conquest Women's 34mm Stainless Steel Watch With .45 ct. t.w. Diamonds

          Our Price: EUR 2,102.59

        3. Longines Conquest Men's 41mm Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch - Blue Dial

          Longines Conquest Men's 41mm Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch - Blue Dial

          Our Price: EUR 1,529.15

        4. Longines Conquest Men's 41mm Automatic Stainless Steel Watch - Black Dial

          Longines Conquest Men's 41mm Automatic Stainless Steel Watch - Black Dial

          Our Price: EUR 1,529.15

        Ross-Simons' Longines Watch Collection — Known for the elegance of their timepieces, Longines watches are presented in a vast array of branded collections, each one distinctly unique to the next. Explore the Longines watch selection at Ross-Simons for the perfect luxury timepiece to suit your personal aesthetic and lifestyle.

        Ross-Simons: Authorized Longines Watch Retailer

        Ross-Simons is an authorized retailer for Longines watches. Every Longines purchase comes with Ross-Simons' 100% satisfaction guarantee. Browse Ross-Simons' Longines selection online or speak with our Longines watch specialists, please call 800-249-2824, from 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday or 12:30 to 5pm on weekends.

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